Forever Doon: Review

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Forever Doon Synopsis

“With the witch of Doon on the throne, Jamie believed dead, and Duncan and Mackenna trapped in Alloway, Veronica has no choice but to put her grief aside and prepare her remaining followers for the impending battle against the false queen and her forces. But while on a covert mission to steal a powerful elixir from the castle, Veronica discovers her true love may actually be alive, and fighting a battle of his own.

With the Brig o’ Doon destroyed and the portal fragmented, Doon’s forces are not only divided, but also isolated in different dimensions. With the help of a storyteller as ancient as the witch herself, Kenna and Duncan learn they must rebuild the bridge to have any chance of crossing back into Doon with their ragtag army. But when Mackenna insists on fighting as well, Duncan soon realizes the only way he can ensure her safety is to turn her into a cold-hearted killer.

For Vee, Jamie, Kenna, and Duncan, saving their kingdom while keeping their lives intact will take a miracle.”

Forever Doon: Daughter #3’s thoughts (she is 15)

As the fourth and final book in the Doon series, Forever Doon ties up all of the story’s plot lines.  The first few lines, as always, immediately captured my attention. The plot was riveting and followed a turbulent story line with plenty of ups and downs.  After my initial read of the book, I concluded that it’s probably most suited for a younger audience, as I loved the series several years ago but found myself less absorbed this round.  Nevertheless, the book still drew me in with the hilarious banter between the two friends and the incredibly descriptive imagery throughout.  I always adore the beautiful and vibrant covers on every book, and overall considered Forever Doon a splendid conclusion to the Doon adventure.

3 thoughts on “Forever Doon: Review

  1. No, thank you. I’m sure this is not something that would hold my attention. I don’t care for mythical characters or settings.

  2. While I enjoyed the reviews, I doubt that I’d read this book. Daughter #3 is a gifted writer/reviewer and I liked reading her review. Keep up the good work!

  3. Your review had me remembering Brigadoon and old high school musicals. I appreciate your review. Many of your reviews momentarily entice me to just maybe read the book but this one just does not sound like my genre. Thank you for introducing me to the novel!

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