Menu Plan Monday 10/24/2016

Happy Monday to all you readers out there! I hope you had a nice week. Fall has definitely arrived here, but we’re still enjoying some nice days overall. Most days, I can still work in a bike ride. I enjoy those a lot. They’re a good way to clear one’s head and get in a good dose of solitude and sunshine.

Daughter #3’s marching band competed at semi state and advanced to finals, held this coming Saturday night at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. I really enjoy attending that; it’s one of my favorite events of the years. I’ll pick up daughter #1 from college on Friday because she wants to attend as well (she was in band too). Here’s her photo — if you’re not on Pinterest, you may not be able to see it. Sorry!

I’ll have just a bit less busy-ness this week due to three of my 14 piano students being gone for one reason or another. That will be helpful at dinnertime for sure!

Here’s the plan:

Monday: Savory Bean and Spinach Soup — it’s good :) Also bread from the bread machine. (yes, you saw this last week. It was bumped from the menu then by a surprise support-the-band-at-Wendy’s night. And by the way, I had the Power Mediterranean Salad, which was new to me, really delicious, and filling too. Recommended).

2 qt. chicken broth

1 #10 can diced tomatoes

1 #10 can northern beans

1/2 box long grain wild rice

1 large onion, diced

garlic powder



1/2 bag of fresh spinach

Parmesan cheese

Tuesday: Spaghetti and meat sauce — and I’ll probably make a type of “cheese bread” that one of the girls makes often — basically make a bread dough, put provolone cheese and spices on the dough, then wrap the sides of the dough over the top in strips and braid … kind of. It’s good.

Wednesday: Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole — an easy crockpot recipe

cheesy chicken tater tot crock pot casserole

Thursday: fish (baked tilapia, or salmon if I have some left), and roasted veggies. I was talking to a friend this week about the difficulty in finding healthy foods to make. Fat — not good. Sugar — not good. What to make? She mentioned that she likes making big pans of roasted vegetables. Cut up the veggies, toss with olive oil and spices (she likes Herbes de Provence, which I’ve never bought — although I will this week). Then bake.

Friday: White Chicken Lasagnavery popular here, and a nice change from “regular” lasagna. Daughter #1 likes it, so I’m hoping I will have time to make it after getting home from picking her up at school.

What’s new in your world this week? I always enjoy hearing from you in the comments.

You can find more menu plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.


4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 10/24/2016

  1. Your menu choices for the week sound delicious, as always! You inspire me to plan some meals ahead. You mentioned bike riding. I’ve always loved to ride a bike and miss it so much now. In 2004, I had a stroke which affected my balance among other things. That ended my bike riding because all I needed was to fall off my bike! My balance improved through the years but I’m still afraid to chance it. So I walk instead!

  2. I’m impressed by several of your choices for this week. Please report on your impression of the new spice blend, and where you buy it, which I hope is not Krogers, since we have none here. I also think I’d enjoy the chicken lasagna. I’ve never seen this recipe before. Enjoy your time on Friday evening. I’d love to go with you, but doubt if it would work.

  3. That soup sounds wonderful!! I’ll have to make it soon. I’m trying vegetarian/vegan for weeknights. We’ll see if I stick with it. Weekends are family food. At least till they all get tired of gathering again. I hope the band does well, tho it is my Castle friend’s daughter’s senior year.

  4. I continue trying to find vegetables in the garden to supplement my evening meal. Tonight it was ripe tomatoes and gr. peppers. There are a new crop of green beans coming on. When my neighbor planted them she said it would be nip and tuck to see what came first – fresh beans or fall’s frost. I think the bean’s are winning!

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