Menu Plan Monday 10/3/2016

Wendy's chili

Welcome to another Menu Plan Monday! Here is it October already. Wow. The year is passing quickly.

It was a busy weekend here with our high school hosting a band competition. There was a lot of rain, which makes it a pain for all the kids there trying to perform. One group of bands had to perform inside the gym. At a marching competition, when that happens, the kids have to just stand in the gym and play their music since there isn’t enough room to really perform the show. Obviously, that’s not nearly as exciting. My daughter’s band class did get to perform outside, although it was delayed by 2 hours.

Spartan Alliance Marching Band

I hardly have any photos of the band this year. Here’s one — obviously without uniforms. My daughter is in the royal blue t-shirt with sunglasses near the center. They put in so many hours and really do a great job.

Indiana Bicentennial Torch Roanoke

Also, frequent commenter (and former teaching colleague) Leona and I went to see the Bicentennial Torch make its way through Roanoke on Friday. It was fun!

The church where I play organ installed a new pastor on Sunday. So, I played there in the morning, and again for an afternoon service with a dinner after. It was all very nice, but made for an extremely busy weekend. Maybe this week will be a little quieter? (probably not).

And as always, people still eat. Here’s the menu plan for the week ahead:

Monday: Wendy’s Chili — always tasty, and easy to mix up in the crockpot since this evening is busy with piano lessons (see photo at top)

Tuesday: Three Cheese Manicotti — using the recipe from the pasta box. Because, why reinvent the wheel?

Wednesday: (hiding face) — I’m making a box of Sweet n’ Sour Chicken Helper. It was on sale, it’s good, and it’s easy 🙂

Thursday: fish night — I have tilapia or salmon from which to choose. Maybe I’ll buy some fresh green beans at the store to make with it? Those are always popular here.

Friday: Chicken Salsa Verde – I’ve made this before and it’s good.

And because it’s fall, I think I’ll make these. YUM!!

So, what is new in your life this week? I hope the days ahead treat you well!

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4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 10/3/2016

  1. Sounds really good! I now occasionally have 3 and even4 to cook for! Or I cook and they don’t show up. Lol.. The freezer is getting full. I’ve just planned chili and a new Mexican pasta salad. If anyone shows up I’ll make something simple! Hope you get a breather this week.

  2. If my health permits it, I’m planning on going to Shipshewana on Thursday. That’s a big deal for me.

  3. I wish I could eat at your house this week. Everything sounds yummy, as usual. We ate out twice over the weekend (my husband’s birthday on Sunday) so we have leftovers for a couple of evenings. We never eat all we get since the portions are so large.

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