Best Pencil Sharpener: Review

Best Pencil Sharpener

Don’t you just love writing with a nice, sharp pencil? I know, we’re not talking here about curing cancer or solving world hunger — but often in life, it’s the little things.

best pencil sharpenerAnd one of those little things is a pencil with a great point.

How to get a pencil nicely sharpened? It can be more difficult than you might think. I’ve had many pencil sharpeners in my life, and I’ve experienced many more as a teacher. You always hope for a good one, but honestly, how many times have you turned the crank (or put a pencil into an automatic sharpener and listened to the WHIRRR) over and over and over and … finally you pull your pencil out, only to find it broken off, or just not sharpened well?

Well. Your fortunes are about to change, because I’m here to tell you about the best pencil sharpener you will ever use. Seriously!

It’s made by Classroom Friendly Supplies (yes, it was started by an elementary teacher). I’ve used one at home for several years, and just recently I learned about a new addition to the line: the sharpener in cheery Hello Yellow.

How to Use the Best Pencil Sharpener

best pencil sharpener

In my experience, there’s a bit of a learning curve for these sharpeners. If you’re using them with a classroom, I recommend taking five minutes to teach the kids how to use them. First, you need to use one hand to hold the sharpener while with the other hand you pull the front silver portion pencil sharpener

Squeeze the black squares at the top together and insert your pencil. Let go: the pencil will stay in place. Turn the knob (you don’t need to hold the pencil). You’ll know your pencil is sharp when you turn the knob with no resistance. Here’s a how-to chart the company made.

In the top photo, you’ll see a piece that comes with the sharpener, for fastening it onto a counter edge. Maybe it’s just that my family is a little … um … enthusiastic, but this never worked too well for us. I prefer simply holding the top of the sharpener down with one hand while turning the crank with the other. Works great!


Now would be a great time to try one of these sharpeners. They’re donating $1 from the sale of every “Hello Yellow” sharpener to Childhood Cancer Awareness until the end of November.
Thanks to Classroom Friendly Supplies for a sharpener to test. I don't earn anything from any purchases you may make --




14 thoughts on “Best Pencil Sharpener: Review

  1. I thought they banned these due to allergies? We all have to buy ridiculously expensive mechanical pencils for school? And no chalk, just dry erase markers? If I’m even in the need of a pencil sharpener, I’ll try to remember this one!

  2. As a teacher I am a huge pencil sharpening fan! Give me one that doesn’t jam or eat the leads please!!

  3. I remember the frustration of pulling a broken pencil out of the sharpener all too well! Sounds like a great tool for the classroom

  4. I use a very old-fashioned pencil sharpener that does a decent job, better than any of the new ones I used in the various offices I worked in. But it’s time to up-grade to one of these. Looks and sounds wonderful. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Will send this over to my wife who is a teacher. I don’t know the last time I used a pencil. I think I forgot how to write.

  6. I’ve sworn off pencils. Nothing but mechanical pencils for me. I love them!

  7. I havnt used a pencil sharpener in forever, going to have to purchase one soon when I start home school with my kids, this is a good choice

  8. I remember having one of these in my office back then. It’s so convenient to have and it’s neater than having a small sharpener. I really like how it works!

  9. I remember asking my father to get me one like this. I got a red one and absolutely loved it! This would make a great teacher gift for Christmas. I’m getting one for my granddaughter’s kindergarten teacher.

  10. This sharpener sounds awesome for the classroom. I love having that sharp pencil to complete work.

  11. I remember my school days where sharp pencils play a major role in writing or drawing something better. The Best Pencil Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies looks perfect and looks so easy to use as well. Would love to get one for my kids as well!

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