Menu Plan Monday 9/26/2016

homemade pizza

Welcome to another Menu Plan Monday! Our weekend was filled with a football game band performance/competition/practice for one daughter and another daughter home from college to play for a wedding. It was great having everyone together again. No photos, because they never want their pictures put online. I don’t know if my kids are unique in that regard, or if it’s a hallmark of this younger generation being wary of overexposure online. Anyway.

A new week is dawning, and here is the menu plan as it is shaping up:

Monday: tortellini — I bought a few bags of this at Big Lots the other week. I always love it, and it always brings back a memory of the two weeks I spent in Italy with my penpal’s family a few decades ago. As a going-home gift, they gave me a bag of tortellini. But — it was confiscated at the airport 🙁 I still remember feeling sad as the inspector chucked it into the trash:(

Tuesday: stir fry — no recipe, but I just prepare a chicken breast or two in a skillet with soy sauce, and add a package of alfalfa sprouts, a chopped up carrot, and snow peas (in the freezer from this year’s garden). Serve with rice.

Wednesday: Beef Taco Bake — a good ol’ Campbell’s soup recipe that I have made for years.

Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie Chowder — new recipe I pulled out of a magazine; sounds good!

Friday: Make-Your-Own Pizza — I make the dough, everyone puts on toppings of choice. Because of another football game, there will only be 3 of us with pizza tonight. Wow, it’s strange to cook for so few! (I purposely chose pizza tonight because daughter #3 doesn’t like it, and she will be off at band).

What did you do this weekend? Or what are you cooking this week?

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3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 9/26/2016

  1. My food supply in the icebox is waning. It’s about time I do some cooking in quantity. I have cabbage waiting to be made into some slaw soon! Happy new week!

  2. Your menus are all good! Bet it does feel strange when you have only 3 at home for a meal or two. All of it beats just cooking for one, though. Family at home where the heart is makes for an enjoyable evening meal. Time to go warm up some leftovers for me tonight.

  3. Since I cook only for myself, I rarely cook anything good. But since it’s beginning to get cool, I’m thinking of making some cauliflower soup. It’s been a while since I’ve made it, and I love it.

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