Sweet Creations Oodles of Fun Cupcakes

Sweet Creations OodleTip cupcakes

Cupcakes — is there anything more fun to create in the kitchen? They’re small, cute, and delicious. So I was thrilled to have the opportunity, thanks to Tryazon, to try out some cupcake-making tools by Sweet Creations, a division of Good Cook available at WalMart stores in the cake dec/baking aisle.

I invited over several of my piano students to try out the tools.

Our first creations were really my favorite, because they’re just so cute: Brownie Bite Cactus pots.

You can see how easy these were to make — just put 3 brownie bites (you can buy these, but I made my own) into a 2″ flower pot (I bought these at WalMart; .38 each). How to make the neat little blurbs of frosting?

Sweet Creations OodleTip


That’s where the OodleTip comes in. You buy these in a handy package of 3, and the bags are already attached (no more trying to cram a ziplock into a frosting tip; yes, I’ve done this. Not very successfully). Fill the bag with frosting, and then according to the handy guide, cut the plastic for the size tip you need. For the cactus pots, we cut the tip fairly low for small “blobs.” We finished these off with a frosting flower (I bought these at Michael’s; they are made by Wilton). These turned out really cute. I wish I had gotten a photo of a finished one. You can see one baker creating hers in the top photo.

Cupcake Dividers

Sweet Creations Cupcake Dividers

Our next project involved making cupcakes with two separate colors or flavors (we used a box of orange velvet and brown velvet cake mix). Just mix up your two flavors — or color half of the mix a different color and place it in a separate bowl — and then stand the divider up in the cupcake well. Put batter on each side of it, and then pull it out, and proceed to the next cupcake. These turned out great, although I have to admit they looked pretty messy going into the oven. We planned to frost them as well, but the get-together ended while they were still too warm …

Good Cook Sweet Creations cupcake corer

Cupcake Corer

Our final project involved chocolate cupcakes, which I made ahead of time. We used cupcake corers to scoop out a bit of the top of the cupcakes. Then, we filled the hole with Nutella and put the “plug” back in. We finished these with more of that tasty chocolate buttercream frosting. Kind of like homemade Hostess Cupcakes: tasty! Of course, you could make any flavor cupcake and fill them with any flavor of filling you want.

Next time you’re in WalMart, check out Sweet Creations cupcake supplies. They’re reasonably-priced, and they do help you create great-looking cupcakes. I feel like I’m really experienced at cooking and baking, and my things taste good, but the presentation is sometimes a bit lacking. I’m really grateful for products like these that make it easy to look good!

Have you ever tried Sweet Creations products? Have you seen them?





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  1. How cool is this tool? I haven’t tried it yet- but your cupcakes look so good, I will look for one next time I’m at Walmart. Great job!

  2. This blog was so much fun! I love cupcakes but have never taken the time to be creative with them. Your students must have enjoyed doing the cupcakes so much. I know I would have. Of course, now I am hungry for a cupcake!!!

  3. I never heard of Sweet Creations Oodles of Fun Cupcakes. Your cactus ones were so cute. I would LOVE the ones filled with Nutella! Thanks for our cupcake class!

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