Menu Plan Monday 9/12/2016

West Central Home Tour Indiana

Hello friends, how Is your week so far? It was such a nice weekend here, with perfect weather. I went on an annual tour of houses in an older area of our town. It always amazes me how absolutely GORGEOUS some peoples’ houses are inside. If you’re one who updates your decor frequently, take note that the current hot color is apparently gray. I was amazed by all the gray walls I saw — probably more than 50% of the walls. And check out this lady’s pantry, since we’re talking about cooking and menu planning:

vintage pantry neat uncluttered

What a thing of beauty! I asked the homeowner (who was there) if her pantry always looked like that, and she said yes. “I don’t really like clutter.” I am impressed.

On another cooking note — this Saturday was daughter #3’s band season kick-off potluck. I brought these, and they turned out good. I brought home an empty dish, which is a good sign. Easy, and recommended for a carry-in.

Here’s what this menu plan holds:

Monday: Fiesta Chili Bake — I have made this for years and we like it — got the recipe from a Del Monte tomato label.

Tuesday: fish night — I recently had a $10/$40 coupon for Aldi, and bought (among other things) a bag of tilapia

Wednesday: turkey breast (fixed in the crockpot), mashed potatoes, green beans — turkey breasts are on sale for .99/lb at Kroger, so I’m hoping to buy one this week.

Thursday: Taco Soup — this looks similar to my recipe. Looks like the heat is breaking this week, so hopefully soup will actually taste good.

Friday: leftovers — several are building up in the fridge. Treat for me — no cooking night! Yay!

What’s new in your world this week?

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6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 9/12/2016

  1. As for the neat pantry – that lady won’t have trouble with bugs in her food since she keeps most all of it in glass jars. Smart move!
    The sandwiches you brought to the pitch in, our principal makes what appears to be the same recipe for many of our school pitch-ins. They are a total hit at our school! If you have late lunch, sometimes they are all gone when you come in the lounge door!

  2. It all sounds really good. I surprised myself–I did the salsa & chicken in the crockpot (that’s the whole recipe!) and then at the end of the cooking time, threw in drained/rinsed black beans, drained corn and a block of cream cheese. I caught Patrick scraping the crock-pot bowl with his finger! Just the salsa and chicken ALONE was great and super easy! Thanks for the heads-up on the Turkey Breasts.

  3. As usual, your weekly menu sounds delicious. The mini sandwiches you made look and also sound delicious. I have a frozen turkey breast in my freezer and keep forgetting to thaw it. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I wish I were going to be with you on Wednesday. That menu sounds delicious.

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