The Brady Bunch Kids: Where are They Now?

Here’s the story of a lovely lady
Who was bringing up three very lovely girls.
All of them had hair of gold, like their mother,
The youngest one in curls.Here’s the story, of a man named Brady,
Who was busy with three boys of his own,
They were four men, living all together,
Yet they were all alone.Till the one day when the lady met this fellow
And they knew it was much more than a hunch,
That this group must somehow form a family.
That’s the way we all became the Brady Bunch.
If you’re of a certain age, those words take you back to a simpler time — a time when, for 30 minutes each day, the Brady family faced all kinds of problems which could be easily solved. We got to know them like we were members of the bunch. The Brady Bunch went off the air in 1974. All these years later, what are the Brady Bunch kids doing? Where are they now?

Greg — Barry Williams

Barry Williams, born in 1954, played oldest Brady son, Greg. He has been married and divorced twice, and has written a book about his Brady experience: Growing Up Brady: I Was a Teenage Greg. He has two children, and continues to play roles in various TV programs, although none have achieved the iconic status of The Brady Bunch.

Marcia — Maureen McCormack

Maureen McCormick (Marcia), was born in 1956. Like Greg, she has continued with TV appearances in soap operas, reality TV, and other venues. She has also written a Brady-themed memoir, Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice. Over the years, Marcia — oops, make that Maureen — has battled and overcome drug addiction, depression, and bulimia. “Greg” and “Marcia” have revealed that they had a budding romance during their Brady Bunch  years. Maureen has been married since 1985 (to a man who had never watched a Brady Bunch episode) and has a daughter, Natalie. You can watch her this fall on Dancing With the Stars! “I want to embrace the moment and finally dance like no one’s watching,” says Marcia — er, Maureen.

Peter — Christopher Knight

Born in New York City in 1957, Christopher Knight worked in the computer industry after his Brady days. He still works in the industry, although he has still dabbled in the entertainment industry, even participating in briefly in professional wrestling. In 2005, he appeared in a reality show called “Surreal Life,” where he met “America’s Next Top Model” 2003 winner Adrianne Curry. The two married in 2006, but have since divorced.

Jan — Eve Plumb

1958 saw the birth of middle daughter Jan, played by Eve Plumb. Plumb was known for her middle-child angst on the show (who can’t imagine her anguished whine, “Marcia, Marcia, MARCIA!”). Now on her third marriage, she’s an acclaimed oil painter. Like her TV siblings, she has had TV appearances here and there since her childhood. She has not embraced her Brady history as enthusiastically as some of the others. She was the only “Brady kid” to choose not to appear on 1976’s “Brady Bunch Hour.” And, she was the only cast member not to attend a 2007 ceremony awarding the show TV Land’s Pop Culture Award.

Bobby — Mike Lookinland

Mike Lookingland — aka Bobby Brady — was born in 1960 and was involved, with his family, in the Mormon Church. In his adult years, he has worked as a cameraman for TV shows and movies. He currently is out of show business, owning a Utah business that makes decorative concrete. “Bobby” is married now, with two sons.

Cindy — Susan Olsen









5 thoughts on “The Brady Bunch Kids: Where are They Now?

  1. I identified most with Marcia as the oldest sister and having long blond hair in those days. I probably was most like her in personality as well. I saw that she’s supposed to be on the new season of Dancing With the Stars. I don’t watch that generally but will have to look up her dances on YouTube once the show starts.

  2. I have very little recollection of watching the Brady Bunch. If they went off the air in 1974, I was probably so involved in my work that I had no occasion to watch them. I may have seen them a time or two, but it certainly wasn’t something I watched regularly. It sounds like the older actors have had difficulty with relationships, based on how many divorces there have been among them.

  3. I enjoyed the updates on the kids. I was a regular watcher of The Brady Bunch but must admit it was mostly because of Florence Henderson. She grew up in a small town in southern Indiana not far from where I grew up so I was interested in following her career. I will look forward to seeing “Marcia” on “Dancing With the Stars.” I hope she does well.

  4. I watched the show but they were all too perfect. Jan looked like a friend in 323rd & 4th grade, so maybe she was the closest to a favorite. I never missed the show, but preferred the Patridge Family.

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