Menu Plan Monday 9/5/2016

Happy Labor Day! It’s a bit bittersweet, as it signals the end of summer. I’ve really enjoyed this summer (as I usually do), and it seems it’s ended quickly (especially given how long I seemed to wait for it, through the winter). I hope you got to celebrate in an enjoyable way. We were invited to a neighbor’s for lunch over the weekend. Their two grandsons were visiting from Virginia. Several years ago, when the boys were younger, they came each summer for about six weeks. They spent lots of time playing with my girls. It’s a bit odd now to see them pretty much grown-up (they’re 16), and here are all the kids (as well as their mom) out on the neighbor’s boat dock. They discovered that the fish loved hot dogs.

krishnans ice cream (5)

same kids, 9 years ago …

I’m putting off my Monday shopping to Tuesday this week due to the holiday. Here is the menu plan for the week:

Monday: Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas — made before; good.

chicken cheese enchiladas menu plan

Tuesday: Cavatini Casserole — this looks similar to my recipe, which is from my “older” homemade cookbook (which pre-dates the internet!)

Wednesday: Chicken and Zucchini in Mustard Sauce – another “oldie” — this looks like my recipe

chicken and zucchini in mustard sauce

Thursday: Lasagna Soup — a favorite. Like lasagna, but soup!

Friday: Chicken Noodle Soup — pretty basic, but I tore it out of a magazine recently so it jogged my memory.


chicken and noodles spaetzle
How was your Labor Day? Anything notable on your menu plan for the week?

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5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 9/5/2016

  1. Happy Labor Day 2016 After checking my computer for what’s up with my world, I’ll walk to Ladonna’s and return a quilt book. Then it’s back home to spend the morning laboring – house cleaning in my family room. I will also work in nap time and embroider time plus choosing a pattern for my next Alaska quilt block. It’s all good!

  2. Happy Labor Day, Everyone! I labored a little this morning doing the regular twice weekly laundry. No big deal. In a couple of hours from now, the Labor Day fun begins. First, lunch with my brother Tom and his wife Sherry, plus several other relatives on the Hiatt side. That is set for noon. By two or so, Joe and I will return home briefly so that he can do his tube feeding. Then on to Markle where a nephew of Joe’s from Plainfield, IN and his family will be visiting at Mike and Cheryl’s home. That visit will be even briefer, so we can return home once again for the next of Joe’s 5 feedings per day, because at 5:30 we are invited to daughter Julie’s house for supper with the 4 generations! No doubt that will be my favorite outing of the day, because I will get to see all three great-grandchildren: Layla, Sawyer, and Adalae (who finally is walking now). Such a busy day; too bad it isn’t spread out over the 3-day weekend, but that is not the case.

    Loved that picture from 9 years ago with the children playing together so well! Your three daughters are so cute in it, as well as the boys that I have never met. Do they relate well now that all of them are teenagers?

  3. Enjoy your Labor Day. Nothing special on the docket here.

    BTW, I enjoyed the pictures. It looks like Daughter #1 came home for the holiday weekend.

  4. Nothing special for Labor Day here, just flying the flag to honor wonderful vets. We are carrying in barbeque for supper and taking it easy. Will watch a baseball game on TV also. Your menu for the week sounds tasty, as always. Loved the pictures of the kids. So cute.

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