Pippa Middleton Facts

Pippa Middleton facts

Pippa Middleton – by TheMatthewSlack from Alnwick, GB (Pippa) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Pippa Middleton Facts

Pippa Middleton — sister of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge — captured the world’s attention from the moment she stepped into Westminster Abbey as a bridesmaid in Prince William and Kate’s wedding, in her gorgeous, form-fitting white dress by Sarah Burton.

Do you know these facts about the younger Middleton sister?

Pippa is a Common Name – in England

Admit it: your first thought upon hearing about Kate’s little sister Pippa was Pippa? What kind of name is that?

Actually, it’s a fairly common name, in Britain at least. Pippa was named Philippa Charlotte Middleton at birth, but goes by the shorter and more casual Pippa. Philippa means ”lover of horses,” and Pippa is its diminutive form.

The name Pippa became popular in the 1800s because of Robert Browning’s poem, “Pippa Passes.”

Pippa is the Girl Next Door – Or Not

Many have mentioned Kate Middleton’s “girl next door” commoner status. But Pippa and sister Kate are far from the girls you’d run into at the local WalMart. Tatler magazine named Pippa its number one society singleton in 2008. Although parents Michael and Carole Middleton are businesspeople who began their own party supply business, the family has done well and is decidedly on the upper side of upper middle class.

Pippa is Engaged

Pippa got engaged over the summer to hedge-fund manager (why do the rich and famous always seem to date and marry hedge-fund managers? I’ve never known a hedge-fund manager in my life) James Matthews. Matthews is 40, Pippa is currently 32. Matthews proposed in a romantic way with a 4.5 carat diamond ring. The two have dated off and on since 2012, disappointing many who had hoped that Pippa and Prince Harry might become an item. They made a cute couple at the royal wedding; with Harry telling Pippa at one point, “You do look very beautiful today – seriously.”

Pippa isn’t Just Another Pretty Face

Pippa’s got more than beauty. She has brains as well. She is a graduate of Scotland’s University of Edinburgh with a degree in English. She spearheaded a 2010 party to raise funds for breast cancer research which netted $7,500. Don’t sell this beauty short!

Pippa Middleton Wedding Plans

Pippa and James plan to marry in May 2017, at St. Mark’s Church in Englefield, England. The reception will take place at Pippa’s parents’ 18-acre Bucklebury estate. It will be a garden reception, featuring ivory floral arrangements that are classic and elegant. Would you love to see little Prince George and Princess Charlotte in the wedding?



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  1. If Prince George and Princess Charlotte are in the wedding, I don’t think the bride would get much attention!! I enjoyed learning about Pippa, I knew very little about her. I’ve never known a hedge-fund manager either. Maybe they work behind the scenes.

  2. I think George might make it, but I think Charlotte would still be too little. But who knows–they may marry on Necker Island or somewhere like that for some privacy from the media.

  3. Very interesting blog today! I sincerely hope that both children are in Aunt Pippa’s wedding. That would be so much fun to watch, and I don’t believe that the bride would go unnoticed either. Keep us posted as you learn even more about this engaged couple. I can barely imagine a diamond ring that big!

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