Saving for Christmas with Groupon

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4 months from today is … Christmas! Yes, it’s true. Hopefully that makes you feel happy rather than stressed. I think one of the keys to enjoying the season is to start preparations early. For instance, this afternoon you might make a list of the people you plan to purchase gifts for.

Stress can enter here, because of the money required to buy those gifts. But what if there was a way to save on them? That’s how I can help you today.

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Save on Groupon Goods

If you haven’t shopped through Groupon before, today is a great day to check the site out. Groupon goods offers many, many items perfect for everyone on your gift list — and the good news is that each one is offered at a hefty discount.

Just browsing on the page, I see right away a deal for a Shutterfly photo book for $9.99. This is a wonderful deal, as I’ve made several of these books and they normally start at $29.99.

I also spy a comfy pet bed, marked down from $69.99 to just $14.99. No pets? No problem — just move on to the sheet sets, originally $99.99, and now $29.99.

As you can see, the savings Groupon offers are substantial. If you don’t see the same deals I mention here, it’s probably because Groupon changes its offerings often. You never know what you’ll find, and yet there is always an excellent variety of offerings. Probably something for each person on your Christmas list. It’s a good site to bookmark and check a few times weekly.

Have you purchased from Groupon before? What has been your favorite deal there?




8 thoughts on “Saving for Christmas with Groupon

  1. I have used Groupon before for restaurants and travel/golf excursions. As you mentioned they have been great deals, and are usually catered to the areas of the country that you are interested in. They really do offer something for everyone! Similar sites are Living Social, Brad’s Deals, Woot….
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Wow! That photobook offer WOULD be a great gift for my daughter! I used Swag Bucks last year–since I mostly shopped online and did very well–got over $70 “back” in Amazon gift cards. I actually did a little Christmas shopping this week–just by chance.

    Helpful post!

  3. I just tried it–it’s still good, but you have only until end of September to send the gift. I’ll check back-I suspect they’ll repeat the offer closer to Christmas!

  4. Thanks for the information. I have a friend who uses Groupon often. I will check it out. I have already purchased a couple of small gifts. Can’t start too early!!

  5. I am aware of one item I ordered through Groupon.
    I am trying to figure out where the Christmas tree picture was taken and decided it must be a generic picture you found on line. It’s cozy looking, with the white curtains, etc. Literally I have worked all year thus far making some stitched items for Christmas presents and I am far from finished. They traveled with me to Alaska. I worked on them as I flew. I love the Christmas season. Wish I could say more about Groupon, but I really have not used them often. I did not know it was possible to go to their site and look for good buys.

  6. You’ve just educated me on Groupon. I somehow thought it was a place where you went to use coupons, or something similar. I need to go check it out.

  7. We usually use Groupon for local dining and outdoor activities, but lately I’ve starting exploring their goods section. Thanks for the reminder to start looking for deals on gifts with them too!

  8. I bought Rock N’ Learn DVDs for my niece and nephew! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

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