Mansfield Ohio Trip: BibleWalk & Kingwood Center

Mansfield Ohio BibleWalk

After we hit the Shawshank Trail and visited the Ohio State Reformatory, there was still more to see in Mansfield. One of the girls asked, “Why are there so many good things in this one little town?”

One of those good things was the BibleWalk.

Mansfield BibleWalk

I’m not sure how we first learned about the BibleWalk Bible wax museum, but this was our third visit. We’d been here over a decade ago. The first time, we did the Old Testament tour, the second time, the New Testament. There are other tours available too — one about the Reformation, one about Christian martyrs, and another about Paul’s journeys. But we had a little pow wow and decided that the Old Testament was what the majority wanted to see.

BibleWalk is a wax museum depicting various Biblical scenes. It’s been around for several decades, as you’ll see when you watch the intro film — which features the founders, looking very ’80s. Each scene features life-sized mannequins wearing clothing of the period, as well as scenery. I couldn’t help but imagine how much effort church members (it’s affiliated with Diamond Hill Cathedral, a non-denominational church) put into this place. The walk itself is in the dark, but as you walk up to each scene, you press a button and the scene lights up as a voice narrates the scene.

Mansfield Ohio BibleWalk

Some of the scenes were a little “cheesy,” and I wondered why some of the scenes were way out of order (Noah’s Ark was near the end of the Old Testament walk), but we all really enjoyed this place overall. Two women in Bible costumes working at the front desk were very friendly. If you’re in the vicinity — stop by! BibleWalk really made God’s word come alive.

Fun side note: in researching for this posting, I see that several mannequins were purchased recently from a celebrity wax museum. I walked right by Prince Charles as Abel, and Elizabeth Taylor in the King Solomon scene, without even realizing it (Prince Philip as an angel was over in the New Testament).

Kingwood Center

Our final stop was Kingwood Center, where we’d also paid a few visits in years past. This beautiful place is just $5 per carload to enter (and it used to be free) — a real bargain. There are many gardens to walk through and admire, and a large house as well, built by wealthy Mansfield resident Charles King in the 1920s.

Kingwood Center gardens Mansfield

On this day, unfortunately, there was a wedding going on in the gardens and so some of them, as well as some of the house, were closed. But, we still walked around many of the gardens and enjoyed the variety of greenhouses.

Kingwood Center gardens Mansfield

Check out that cactus at the bottom — looks like an octopus!

We fed some ducks and spotted some fairy gardens on the grounds before deciding that we had packed enough into one day.

Have you visited Mansfield? What did you do there?


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6 thoughts on “Mansfield Ohio Trip: BibleWalk & Kingwood Center

  1. That was an interesting trip to Ohio to get my Wednesday morning rolling. I have not been to either spot nor known about them. I am glad you got to do this as a family. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Hi there! I just saw you had mentioned us through our facebook page so I stopped by to read your article! Thank you for the feedback and for stopping to join us at BibleWalk. To answer your question about why some of our scenes are out of order, when the walk was built, we were not sure which scenes were exactly going in at that time so once we decided which scenes we were putting in we had to put them where they would fit! Thank you again for joining us and the feedback you gave us! Have a blessed day!

  3. The Biblewalk sounds interesting! Funny about the celebrity figures incorporated into it. Reminds me of when painters like Michelangelo would put recognizable faces in some of their scenes.

  4. As often as we go to Ohio (and Indiana!), we should be able to incorporate a trip to the Bible Walk. And the flowers in the gardens at Kingwood Center are so beautiful. Before we downsized to a little house last year, we had some of the same cacti that are in one of the pictures, but did not have the one that looks like an octopus! We had many like the tall, brighter green one on the right side. It’s called a Night Blooming Cactus and it does just that. Blooms at night and if you want to see the blooms, you have to go out very early in the morning before they start to close up and then die. All of ours had large white blooms. It also produces an edible fruit which tastes kinda blah to me.

  5. I’ve spent at least a decade of my life living in Ohio, and never heard of any of these places you’ve written about. I’d love to visit the BibleWalk. Thanks for reporting on it. I’m glad you got to visit there.

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