Menu Plan Monday 8/22/2016

Indiana State Fair strawberry shortcake

Happy Menu Plan Monday, everyone! This, as always, has been a busy week. My oldest daughter moved 3 hours away back to college and her classes start tomorrow. She is doing really well, but still, as a mom it’s so sad to see her leave. I guess you experienced moms know all about this, though. She has an apartment this year and is so excited to cook. Last night when she called, she was making chicken parmesan, one of our favorites. One of the things I love about menu planning is that it’s a great example to our kids of planning ahead, and then of cooking and eating at home. Of course, as with many parts of parenting, there’s no guarantee our kids will follow through with this on their own. But if they’ve seen the example, at least they’re more likely to.

My sister and I went to the state fair Saturday. Despite a few downpours, it was a fun visit. We saw the kids’ three 4-H projects there. When I was younger and in 4-H, we usually didn’t go to the state fair. When we did, it was a thrill. Now, my own kids have little to no interest in going. What’s up with that??! I had my annual delicious strawberry shortcake in the Farm Bureau Building (see a photo up at the top).

So, this week there are more tomatoes ripening in the garden. I’m not sure why, but many of my tomatoes this year have started rotting in spots. I have to pick them right away or they are mostly rotting away. Daughter #1 took a few to college (where she has an apartment this year) and has already reported making tomato sauce. I cut up several last week and froze them. This week, I hope to keep on top of them again.

Here’s the menu plan:

Monday: Oven Roasted Chicken and Veggies —
Cut up a couple of chicken breasts, a few carrots, a few potatoes – put in a roasting pan, then top with 1/3 c. olive oil and a packet of dry onion soup mix.  Bake 45 minutes at 400.

Tuesday: Stacked Burrito Pie — made it before; delicious. On my way home from the state fair, I stopped at a favorite spot — Trader Joe’s — and bought some interesting chia seed tortillas to use in this.

Wednesday: Italian Beef and Spinach Pie — an “old” favorite from homemade cookbook #1. Haven’t made it in a while, but it sounds good — and does involve tomatoes 🙂

Thursday: Slow Cooker Orange Chicken with rice; I made it before and it was pretty good. Similar to the orange chicken you get at the Chinese places.

Friday: Stir Fry — no special recipe; I just cook some chicken, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, and snap peas (frozen from the garden) in soy sauce and serve with rice.

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So what is new on your table on at your house this week? Share in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 8/22/2016

  1. All of your recipes for the week inspire me, especially the orange chicken one! I need to get back to more chicken dishes and not so much beef. That strawberry shortcake makes my mouth water. It would almost be worth going to the State Fair after many years just to buy one of those. Yum yum!

  2. I made a new chicken dish last week with tarragon, basil and oregano – and a bit of cheese in the sauce. It was great 😉

  3. I am so glad you & Jill went to the fair together!
    It says a lot about your mothering that your daughter #1 WANTS to cook in her college apartment! I give piano lessons to a very educated woman. I asked her recently if she would be cooking when she got home that night. “Oh no,” she said, “my food does not taste very good. I rarely EVER cook!” I guess if I earned her income I might not either. But she has a family. . . Back to your girls, it blows me out of the water that they prefer eating at home to eating out. I LOVE LOVE LOVE eating out!

  4. As usual, your recipes sound delicious. And yes, Leona, that strawberry shortcake makes my mouth water also. I now have a new cooking challenge: my husband has just been diagnosed with diabetes and, since he is already on a low oxalate diet due to kidney stones, I am going to have to come up with recipes that will accommodate both problems. So I should be having a lot of fun in the kitchen!!

  5. Oh, my! That strawberry shortcake looks delicious! Glad you got to enjoy it.

  6. Glad to hear my tomatoes aren’t the only ones rotting on the vine! I was feeling guilty about it, so thanks for helping alleviate the depressing emotion! 🙂 Our last son is starting his junior year at college, too, only he’s at IPFW, so it’s not too far. Our fourth son was married this summer, so our household is shrinking, and I’m trying slowly to adjust to the empty nest! I’ve become one of those old women who says to the young ones, “Treasure these times with your children. They’ll be gone before you know it!” I wish I could convince all the young women out there how wonderful it is to have a family! 🙂

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