Alaska Trip: Juneau Dogsledding

Juneau dog sled wheel Alaska

Last time, our Alaska travelogue took us to Mendenhall Glacier. We’re not done with Juneau yet — how about a little Juneau dogsledding?

We took a bus from Juneau to the dogsledding place we’d reserved prior to the trip. Honestly, I’m not even sure of the name, but it doesn’t matter much. There are many, many of these places in Alaska.

Juneau Dogsledding

It was just a short drive out into a wooded area, and here’s what we saw. Lots of adorable, well-trained dogs, ready to pull us around. Although I was tempted to feel sorry for the dogs, the handlers told us that the dogs here love to pull things. They love to run. They have tons of energy. The puppies that don’t have this temperament are adopted out as pets. And no, we weren’t in a sled. It was summer here, so we were in golf cart-type things. Oh well. Can’t have everything! But we had lots of cute dogs, which made up for a lot.

Juneau Dogsledding

There’s just a very brief video.

Juneau Dogsledding dogs cooling off in water

Afterwards, here’s how the dogs cool off. They like to put their paws in their water dishes. So cute!

We also got to see lots of puppies that are still too young to be pulling sleds. They exercise on a big wheel, which you can see at the top photo. They loved the handler.

Juneau dogsled puppyAgain, CUTE. I know I’m using the word “cute” a lot in the post. But … they are!

Juneau Dogsledding dogs

The handlers told us a lot about dogs and dogsledding. Most of the dogs here do participate in various dogsled races during the winter season — the Iditarod, the Yukon Quest (which was new to me, but then again I know almost nothing about dogsledding). Our speaker was planning to participate in the Quest, which he preferred to the Iditarod. The Quest race allows mushers less outside support than the Iditarod, so it’s a tougher race.

Juneau dock cruise ship

Back to Juneau — and here you can see the cruise ships lined up along the dock.

Juneau governor's mansion

Oh, and one final thing I found interesting. Look at the center of this photo, then just down to the right a tad. See the white square house peeking out from the trees? That’s Alaska’s governor’s mansion, where Sarah Palin and family lived when she was governor here. Kind of neat!

And with that, we leave Juneau. But there’s still one port left on our Alaskan adventure. Next stop, Ketchikan!




4 thoughts on “Alaska Trip: Juneau Dogsledding

  1. I was on the trip with you and I am learning things I did not know. Kudos for you. You must have taken notes. When we took the ride with the dogs pulling us,I found it cool that a young guy who works their is the grandson of the man who started the Iditarod races.
    We talked to so many people in Alaska who maybe went there for a vacation and ended up moving there for a new way of life. To me, Alaskans are free spirits.
    Alaska for us is two months in our rearview mirror. It seems also like a dream – a good dream!

  2. I’m sure your girls loved the dogs. Glad you got to do this.

  3. I loved reading about the dogs and dogsledding. I know very little about it. Loved all your commentary and pictures. Precious dogs!

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