Menu Plan Monday 8/15/2016

Today is back to school day for our household! The younger two head to high school, and Thursday the oldest one heads 3 hours south back to college. I hope it will be a great year for all three — as well as for all the kids in your lives.

walking to school 1970

Since my own kids are at an age where they don’t really want me posting (or even taking) their picture, here is a photo of me and my younger sister standing by a neighbor’s house as I get ready to walk to school for my first day of second grade, circa 1972. I spent many hours babysitting during my teen years in that house.

This afternoon I’ll be making this year’s back to school treat: Chocolate Peanut Butter Gooey Cake (I’m changing the name a bit because I’ll be fiddling with the recipe — not using that much butter, subbing in some shredded zucchini into the cake, etc.) Trust me that it will still be good 🙂

peanut butter chocolate cake

Monday afternoon update: oh yes. It’s good.

Piano students start today too. Yay! I am excited to see them again. No new kids this year, and really that’s kind of nice. Those first few piano lessons can be a bit tedious … It’s looking like Monday and Wednesday will be days when I teach until 6, so I will need to plan items those days that I can prepare early. Menu planning can be good exercise for the brain in ways like that.

Here’s the week’s menu plan:

Monday: Foil Packet Taco Chickena family favorite; easy to individualize so it’s great for picky eaters

Tuesday: One Skillet Lasagna – easier than “regular” lasagna, and yes, it’s good

Wednesday: Sister Wives’ Christine’s Meatloaf — I’m working on a little Sister Wives project 🙂 Stay tuned … (and if you have no idea what “Sister Wives” is, no worries. I’ll explain later).

Thursday: fish night — fresh green beans are on sale at the grocery this week, so I’ll probably make those too.

Friday: Simmered Tuscan Chicken (hand-written in my oldest “family favorites” cookbook, which could mean I made it 25-30 years ago). I haven’t made it recently, but there are lots of tomatoes ripe now in the garden, and I’m thinking I’ll sub some in for part of the pasta sauce.

So, that’s our week. What’s new in yours? Chime in in the comments.

You can find more menu plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.








3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 8/15/2016

  1. I love that you’re going back thru your “own” cookbook for that recipe this week. I annotate all my cookbooks with the date first made and the verdict! I’ve made a few cookbooks too, back in the dark days before pinterest. I planned to make them for the kids last Christmas–good jog to my memory so Thank you!! Have a super week and on to Bloomington!

  2. Here’s wishing all 3 of your daughters a happy, successful year in school again! As for the food choices of the week, your Tuscan chicken meal is my personal pick. Enjoy those piano students again this year and watch their progress. Each spring recital gets better and better.

  3. I made Joellen’s Chicken Recipe yesterday. I think I used some leftover frozen turkey as part of the meat in it. I noticed I got the recipe from her in 1995 so I’ve made that a long time. To go with it, I made a salad of Schneiders’ cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, green peppers, and dressing. I am so glad we got to have our good time together this summer. Just think, soon Caroline will be living much nearer to me than to you guys! It’s all good!

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