Dress Like Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton with Prince George

Have you read that William and Kate — and possibly the kids, too — will be visiting Canada next month? I can hardly wait to see the photos that come out of that trip! Let’s take a closer look at Kate’s impeccable fashion sense.

Dress Like Kate Middleton

She may be a Duchess, but Catherine dresses like a princess – you can, too!

Since she appeared at her engagement to Prince William, Kate Middleton has been a fixture in fashion magazines. No wonder: her fashion style is traditional yet modern, impeccably put-together, eye-catching, and always appropriate. How can you dress like the Duchess of Cambridge?

Wedding Dress Inspiration

Were you mesmerized with Kate’s lace wedding gown? You weren’t the only one. The gown’s simplicity and attention to details garnered much press attention and ushered in several new trends in wedding gowns: lace, sleeves, and tradition. Even if you’re not planning a wedding, you may enjoy wearing this “Katie” dress inspired by the royal wedding gown by asos.

Stick with Traditional

You won’t find Kate wearing anything too trendy. As a member of the royal family, she’s expected to look striking yet dignified. Go with solid colors (the duchess does favor bright colors, so don’t limit yourself to neutrals). A good choice is this lace dress from DH, which echoes an Erdem Cecile dress Kate has worn. Notice the dress’s simple design with classy details – in this case, a lace overlay, which may remind you of Middleton’s wedding gown.

Solids, or Simple Prints

Duchess Catherine has learned what type of fashion photograph well. Since she’s constantly the object of photographers’ interest, it’s a job requirement for her. Learn from her example of frequently choosing dresses in solid colors. If you choose a print, stick to Kate’s example and keep it simple. She favors polka-dots or one-color prints like this dress from AliExpress – a bargain at $43.

Classic Shoes

No trendy, ridiculous shoes for the royal feet! Kate sticks to classic pumps in colors that complement her attire. Hers may cost a royal fortune (and they do; her favorites, the L. K. Bennett “Sledge,” are over $300), but you can get the look for under $100 in pumps like these from Macy’s.


The duchess has also revived interest in pantyhose, which she wears in a nude shade. Although they’ve fallen out of favor in recent years, hose create smooth, flawless-looking legs. They’re also helpful for retaining a bit of warmth during colder seasons.



Curious to know more about Kate? Details about the time she was bullied as a child? How she met her Prince? Learn more in my book, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge: A Biography (aff. link).

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  1. I love all of the clothes in Kate’s wardrobe…at least the ones that I have seen! She has impeccable taste and is a very classy dresser without overdoing anything. Surely the Queen must approve of Kate’s style of dress! I hope so!!

  2. Her style is the best. I always like to see the outfits she chooses to wear for casual and dress up occasions!

  3. I love the way Kate dresses. Of course, she’s young and beautiful so I would imagine anything would look good on her!! I just wish I could find cheap imitations of some of her clothes here in Florida. I hate the clothes I see in the stores here and I can’t afford the high-end shops. I am looking forward to seeing the outfits she wears in Canada.

  4. Let’s drive to Canada and see the Royals! Canada is not too far from here. (Although I have no idea where they’re going to visit in that nation.)

  5. Kate seems to have her life lined up very well. She appears to be very nice. Apparently her marriage is wonderful. She is beautiful, married a handsome future king, and has two darling offspring. Kate looks like she stepped out of a hat box every time I see photos of her. Wise choices are paying off for Kate!

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