T-fal Stop, Drop, and Chop

T-Fal Manual Chopper

Thanks to Tryazon and T-fal for providing review items for this event. All opinions mine.

You know I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. And all those hours spent there result in some opinions about brands that I trust. One of those is T-fal. I have quite a few T-fal pots and pans in my cooking arsenal, and I was excited to recently have the opportunity to try some new T-fal products.

T-fal Ingenio Rapid Chopper

One that is really and I mean REALLY cool is the T-fal Ingenio Rapid Chopper.

I have a little chopper, but it plugs in. This one requires no plugging in, and no batteries. You just put in whatever fruit or vegetable you want chopped (in this case, zucchini), and pull a cord a few times (kind of like starting a lawn mower!). With each pull, the food pieces are chopped finer. It has a 2-cup capacity, and there’s a larger version as well. This little gadget was really neat, and I like it a lot.

T-Fal Manual Chopper
Here’s a short video so you can see the chopper in action:

I had fun discussing other T-fal products at a gathering of friends. Here, we are looking at T-fal’s T-fal Ingenio Micro Edge Peeler. It works great for peeling carrots, potatoes (even has a tool to remove potato eyes), and is dishwasher-safe.

T-fal Ingenio Rapid Chopper

T-fal’s Ingenio Tripod Strainer features perfectly-placed holes provides a quick strain, a wide spout for easy pouring after straining, a large rim for secure grip and handling, and non-slip silicone feet to keep colander elevated.


T-fal Ingenio Tripod Strainer

I love the way it stands in the sink — handy!

T-fal kitchen products

And a few more items you might be interested in:

  • Ingenio 4-quart bowl, with a wide spout for pouring and a large rim for easy grip
  • Zen Ceramic Chef’s Knife, featuring protective rings that protect hands while cutting, an elevated blade to prevent cross-contamination, and long-lasting sharpness
  • Good Cook Poly Cutting Board, which will see use almost every day (at least, it does at my house)

There you have it: a roundup of the latest from T-fal. Do you have any T-fal products in your kitchen? Which is your favorite?





3 thoughts on “T-fal Stop, Drop, and Chop

  1. I’ll have to talk to you at length about a few of these products that look interesting.

  2. These kitchen helpers look absolutely fabulous! I want the chopper demonstrated in the video for sure, because manually I have always been a very slow chopper. It is a wonder that I haven’t cut off a finger or been badly wounded so far. Please send all of the information needed to purchase.

  3. Impressive products. I don’t own any T-FAL products. Enjoyed the video. I think I may get one for myself and daughter. Would make a great Christmas gift for her!! Thanks for the info.

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