Menu Plan Monday 6/27/2016

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday, post-Alaska. Last week I began posting about our trip, and I’ll continue that in the weeks to come. Are you planning a vacation this summer? If so, let me know where you’ve visited in the comments. I know frequent commenter Peg was up here in Indiana and Ohio recently!

This looks like a fairly quiet week, which is great because 1)I’m still getting back to normal from the trip, and 2)4-H and the fair will be here soon, and we need some time to work on that. Daughter #3 makes yeast rolls with a whole grain mixture this year, and we’ve tried 4 recipes. She’ll re-try one that may be a fair contender this week. The first time, we used flax seeds, and they had a pretty … healthy texture. Then I noted that the recipe actually called for flaxseed meal. Bought that last week, and we’ll try them again …

Here’s the week’s menu plan:

Monday: Stewed lentils, barley, and vegetables — this is from an older “homemade” cookbook I made of favorites, and I can’t find the recipe online, but this one looks similar. I would like to make more salads and cool things for summer meals, but I’m not sure anyone in my family other than me would eat them, so — hot stuff it is!  At least I can add in plenty of garden fare!

Tuesday: Southwestern Turkey Meatloaf — a favorite here.

southwest turkey meatloaf

southwest turkey meatloaf

Wednesday: Calico Beans is Dad’s request for his birthday … maybe daughter #3’s rolls too … strawberry pie for dessert

Thursday: Chicken and Chickpea Stew — torn from a recent magazine; new recipe

Friday: Skillet Taco Pie — another one from the old cookbook

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4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 6/27/2016

  1. Sounds good. I’m doing a taco skillet “thing” tonight–left over taco meat in freezer, beans, chips that have been hanging around and odds and ends of salsa in the fridge plus cheese. I’m with you on salads and cold stuff, but that will wait for payday.

  2. I went to grill brats for my lunch and found the last time I or someone else grilled, they did not turn off the gas tank SO I fried brats today for lunch and they were quite tasty. I know they are sinful to eat with all the fat, but anyway. The Hammer Museum post card is in my mail box to go out today. I kinda wish I had bought a second one for Roger.

  3. As always, your menu for the week sounds delicious! It makes me hungry so matter what time of the day I read it. Yes, earlier this month I was in Ohio and Indiana. Had a wonderful time with family. The weather was great for the most part. Enjoyed seeing the lush, green landscaping near the Ohio River, my old stomping grounds!!

  4. Is your dad going to be with you for his birthday? It’s not this week is it? I was thinking it was next week.

    I would LOVE having strawberry pie. I haven’t had a single piece this year and strawberry season is almost over.

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