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Photo books. Have you made one?

I began making paper scrapbooks when my oldest daughter was born, 19 years ago (no, I can’t believe that number …). Every so often, I’d drag out my supplies and my photo albums and start cropping, matting, and sticker-ing my way to preserving memories.

About a decade or so, digital photobooks came onto the scene. I dipped my toe into that pond gingerly, making a photobook or two as a gift for a grandparent. I found that, once I got used to making them, I actually preferred them to my paper scrapbooks.

Why? They are thinner, for one thing. My first scrapbooks are very heavy and thick. These books are slim and they are much easy to store and transport. Also, they’re easier and quicker to make. Let’s face it, cutting things with paper cutters, circle cutters, and more takes time. Digital scrapbooks let you do all this with the click of a mouse. Both types of scrapbooks are archivally safe, with acid-free paper, so your memories will last for years to come.

Several years ago, my oldest daughter began making digital scrapbooks of her band memories. She chose Mixbook to make these, and she raved about the company.


Her books came out so great that I decided to try a book with Mixbook too.


I really liked the way she was able to fit lots of photos on the pages, and the way there were so many graphics options offered. When I asked her why she chose Mixbook for her books, she said that she felt they offered more customization options than other photobook sites, and more sizes of books that she liked (her band books are all 6″ x 8″).


I dove in. Each year, I make a “yearbook” of our family’s activities. Here’s a page I created for August with Mixbook. I love the way I can choose from so many different layouts, and the way I could choose accents (like the flower above) and fonts in different styles (in this case, for the month titles).


Here’s the back of my book. I love choosing a layout for the back with lots of photo spots. What I do is fill these spots with photos that I didn’t have room for in the other pages. It’s a fun hodgepodge of pictures that sum up our year!

Have you made a photobook through Mixbook? If not, give them a try. I think you’ll enjoy all the options they offer. If you’ve never made a photo book before, there’s a bit of a learning curve. But stick with it, “fiddle around” a little, and in no time you’ll be churning out books like a pro.

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6 thoughts on “Mixbook for Photo Books

  1. I definitely will look into Mixbook. It sounds fantastic. I’ve been wanting to do a photobook of some kind about one of my grandsons. I have great pictures and have written words to go with each page. I just didn’t know where to go after one website said my pictures wouldn’t work. I had cropped them for better presentation so maybe that was the problem. So the years have gone and I haven’t done anything. I think the band books your daughter did are wonderful.

  2. Peg, give them a try — maybe begin by just uploading 5 photos or so and try putting them into a layout to see whether they seem to work. I’ve had similar issues to what you describe … if it was a “low resolution” issue maybe the cropping was the culprit?? It looks like they have live chat, which might be helpful. Good luck! I bet your book would come out great.

  3. I LOVE her band books!! So cool! I’ve actually been planning a few pages and, now that I have a laptop at home again, I want to try some photobooks and digital scrapbooking so this is a very timely post!

  4. I am too challenged by technology on several fronts to do a digital scrapbook, so when I find time, I continue doing a scrapbook about my early years.

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