#AvoidtheOops with P&G products from Walmart.com


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We just returned from an 11-day vacation. While it was a wonderful escaping, there was the inevitable return home — and the discovery that there is no cruise ship staff to bring essentials to me when I ask.

No matter how organized we are, I think we’ve all experienced the “oops” moment when we realize we’re out of detergent — don’t have any more shampoo in the closet — or, worst of all, just finished off the last tube of toilet paper.


Walmart.com to the rescue! Like me, you probably already love Walmart as a place to buy essentials at the best everyday prices. But have you ever tried to Avoid the Oops by ordering from Walmart.com?

I did, and it was so easy. I could stock up on the things I need every day, and with a $50+ order, there is no charge for shipping. All that toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, and laundry soap, and diapers are delivered to your front step — what could be nicer?

Let me tell you, coming home to these boxes (which I didn’t need to cart up, take through the check out line, and load into and out of the van) was pretty sweet.

So what was inside?


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is a favorite with my three teens. They go through this conditioner quickly, so thank goodness that at Walmart, it’s priced under $3. When I let each of them have her own bottle, it was a little like Christmas in June! Have you tried this stuff? It’s great!


Dishwasher detergent is one of those things I’ve actually run out of before, and that’s not good. Have you ever tried using dish soap in the dishwasher in a pinch? Don’t try it — trust me 🙂 I don’t need to worry now that I’ve stocked up on Cascade Platinum ActionPacs. These clean well, and with this big pack, I won’t need any for a while.


I’ve spoken before about Gain Apple Mango Tango scent detergent — it cleans your clothes, but I mainly love it for its heavenly scent. This is the detergent I always use for my sheets, because the scent does linger for a week or more (as advertised!). Seriously, if I want an instant pick-me-up, I open the lid and take a whiff of this stuff. Hey, it’s safer than other things I could sniff … 🙂


I still remember when I first discovered Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They truly did seem magic. They clean up scuffs from walls, dirty tennis shoes, and so much more. Well, now there’s a Magic Eraser made specifically for a chore I hate: cleaning the bathroom. Now that I’m stocked up on these Bath Scrubbers, this task will be a little easier. They contain cleaner as well as a texture that grips dirt and removes it easily.

Now it’s your turn: have you ever had an “oops moment” where you ran out of a household essential? Or, have you ever stocked up by shopping at Walmart.com? Share away!












2 thoughts on “#AvoidtheOops with P&G products from Walmart.com

  1. I think I’m going to do some shopping at Walmart online this evening. I didn’t realize they offer this service.

  2. I cannot recall any “oops” moment with not have a particular product. I have so much stuff around here. On second thought I left my final bottle of hairspray recently at a daughter’s and actually had to go buy a bottle! How did that ever happen? I now have the bottle back from my daughter’s. I don’t think I am the type that would buy in bulb from anyplace like that. Nothing against Walmart because I love Walmart!

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