Looking Back at Prince William’s Birth Date

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Happy Birthday, Prince William!


Kids – blink once, and they’ve grown up. That definitely seems to be the case with Prince William, who turns 34 on June 21. Let’s take a look back the Duke of Cambridge’s birth date, in June 1982.


In the US

At the time of Prince William’s birth, Americans were paying $1.30 for a gallon of gas and 20 cents to mail a letter. We were listening to “Ebony and Ivory,” “Chariots of Fire,” and “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.”


Princess Diana

We were watching Princess Diana as well. She had only been married to Prince Charles since the previous July, and was expecting her first baby less than a year later. At the time, relations between Charles and Diana were still relatively calm, with Charles having given up Camilla for the time and Diana seemingly smitten with her prince.


The world sighed over Diana’s frilly yet fashionable maternity clothes. We smiled as she was photographed, falling asleep at an evening engagement. Office pools speculated over whether the royal baby would be a boy or a girl.

Diana dancing with John Travolta at the White House (public domain)

Diana dancing with John Travolta at the White House (public domain)


June 21, 1982

Diana had told been overheard telling well-wishers that the baby was due on her 21st birthday, July 1. But in the early hours of June 21, she and Prince Charles headed to St. Mary’s Hospital in central London’s Paddington area. The baby would be the first British heir to the throne to be born in a hospital.


Crowds gathered outside the hospital, and were overjoyed when a baby boy weighing 7 lb., 1.5 oz (those royals are precise!) arrived at  9:03 p.m., “crying lustily.”


Charles “relieved and delighted”

Prince Charles attended William’s birth – the first time a British heir to the throne had witnessed his own child’s birth. As he left the hospital, he greeted fans, saying, “I’m obviously relieved and delighted … It’s rather a grown-up thing I find – it’s rather a shock to the system. (The baby) looks marvelous – fair, sort of blondish … he’s not bad.”


Leaving the Hospital Quickly

By the next day, 1800 gifts had arrived at Buckingham Palace for the yet-unnamed tot. Onlookers were pleasantly surprised when Charles, Diana, and the new baby exited the hospital doors around 5 p.m. on June 22.


“It’s the fashionable thing to do,” the Queen’s press secretary said of the quick exit, explaining that Diana would have plenty of help with the new arrival.


William Arthur Philip Louis

A week after his birth, on June 28, speculation on the baby’s name ended when the Palace announced that he would be named William Arthur Philip Louis.

Do you remember when Prince William was born? Share your memories (or well wishes for the Prince) in the comments.

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  1. Yes, I remember Prince William’s birth. I watched TV for all the latest news. It was like a fairy tale to me. My daughters were also interested, wanting to see the “baby Prince.” I enjoyed your post, brought back a lot of fond memories.

  2. I was VERY excited. I had his names almost right–I’d speculated it would be William Charles Phillip Louis, but Arthur threw me until I saw it was among George VI’s name. Prince William of Gloucester was killed in ’72 so I guessed correctly it would be William (Henry was my 2nd–the last Prince Henry was that “other” William’s father and he died in ’74). Johnnie Spencer was actually named Edward (for his Godfather the future Edward VIII) but I ruled it out since there were already 2 Prince Edwards–Charles’ little brother and the Queen’s first cousin the Duke of Kent. I still liked Diana then too–the older man/younger woman thing of course. Very fun memory.

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