My Toddler Bible: Review

My Toddler Bible

Thanks to Kregel for a review copy of My Toddler Bible, whose review contains affiliate links.

Even before my first daughter was born, I bought a toddler “Bible” for her in the teachers’ lounge at school where book vendors sometimes came selling books. I read it with all of the girls, and they loved the basic stories and the colorful illustrations.

My Toddler Bible reminds me a lot of the Bibles we had. It’s hardcover and sturdy for little hands, and it’s full of bright, cute illustrations that would be appealing to young readers (or, more accurately in this case, listeners).

My Toddler Bible

The Bible contains several Old Testament stories, and New Testament ones as well. There are 220 pages in all.

You can see from the page shown above the level of the stories today. They are quite basic — I’d say this is a Bible storybook appropriate for a 2- or 3-year-old. I love looking through it, and imagining a new generation of little children who will fall in love with God’s word as they look at the pictures and hear the timeless truths.

I think that My Toddler Bible would make a wonderful baby shower gift, or gift for a new baby.

Do you have a favorite Bible storybook you’ve used with young children in your life?


4 thoughts on “My Toddler Bible: Review

  1. When my children were young, each night before bedtime we sat at the kitchen table. They ate a snack while their dad or me read them a story from Egermeier’s Bible Story Book. I am quite sure as a child, we had an Egermeier’s Bible Story Book, too.
    I was the oldest sister of three. Storms scared me stiff, especially when I was at our farmhome. When storms approached, I would gather my two younger sisters around me and begin reading them stories from our Bible Story Book. For some strange reason if I were some place like Grandma Kamman’s during storms, I was far less scared. Go figure!
    As to this Bible Story book you are telling us about, I think I would like it a lot. It looks like an awesome baby gift. What better gift could you give a baby? I wonder approximately what they cost.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Pickles! Looks like they are $12.99 at Amazon. I have a piano student who is always really scared if there is a storm during her lesson. It’s very comforting that you read to your sisters from a Bible story book during storms 😉

  3. We having a rhyming story Bible that I still occasionally trip over in a certain person’s room. I’ll give you a hint–I always had to read Jonah as a rap! It’s wonderful and I should buy up two used copies for the future grandchildren.

  4. It seems to me it would make a wonderful baby gift. I loved the Egermeier Bible Storybook. About 20 years ago, I was mentoring a young woman who had no Christian background at all. I used the Egermeier Bible Storybook with her. It helped her to understand what she couldn’t otherwise get.

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