Best Baby Boomer TV Shows for Kids

Melissa Gilbert as Laura Ingalls

Let’s face it: your kids’ favorite shows can get old after awhile. Never fear – you can tune in to some classic TV programs for a walk down memory lane. Your kids will likely love them as well. Best bets:

Little House on the Prairie
You probably grew up tuning in each week to see Pa, Ma, and their girls in Little House on the Prairie. Today’s kids will still like watching Laura overcome the odds, whether it’s by besting snooty Nellie Oleson or by helping her blind sister Mary. Your kids may even learn a little history along the way, and be inspired to read the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Gilligan’s Island
Now sit right back, and you’ll hear the tale … of how seven castaways figure out how to live on Gilligan’s Island. I can’t claim it’s educational, but Gilligan’s Island sure is enjoyable. My sister and I were so inspired by the tropical setting and the quirky personalities of the characters that we used to enjoy acting out our own episodes for anyone who would watch. No doubt your kids will enjoy observing the antics of these early “survivors” as well.

Bob Denver as Gilligan

Bob Denver as Gilligan – Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Brady Bunch
The first “blended family” many of us grew up with, the Bradys make it look easy to raise six kids. Granted, most of us don’t have a live-in maid who is ready to give wise advice on crises ranging from middle school crushes to surprise anniversary gifts for our parents. But though the clothes may be dated, the issues facing the Brady Bunch are timeless. The love and support family members show each other make this a show your kids will feel good about watching.

Brady Bunch

Brady Bunch — public domain photo

Lost in Space
Can you imagine setting off on a five-year mission to explore a distant planet, only to be sabotaged by a crew member into extending your journey for several years? Welcome to the world of the Robinson family and their wacky cohorts, including a villain (Dr. Smith) and even a robot. This ’60s show is a great example of early special effects, and it’s a fun series for dads and sons to bond over (and not just the boys: Lost in Space is my girls’ favorite weekend night treat!). Scary but not too, and exciting – you can’t beat a night “lost in space.”

Lost in Space, Dr Smith and robot

Lost in Space, Dr Smith and robot. Public domain photo via CBS

What is your favorite 1960s or 1970s TV show? Do you still watch reruns of it?



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6 thoughts on “Best Baby Boomer TV Shows for Kids

  1. I loved the Partridge Family and reruns on channel 40 of the Mickey Mouse club with the “Annnette” and “Spin and Marty” serials. So many others. Little House was ok till they got into the crazy years. When Pa Ingalls and Nels supposedly played college football before there was college football and then the whole blow up the town thing…??? lol

  2. I’ve seen very few of these. I think I’d enjoy the Little House episodes and maybe the Brady bunch. I doubt I’d enjoy Gilligan’s Island. I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to get into the Lost in Space ones. I don’t enjoy reading things that couldn’t/ or are unlikely to happen.

  3. Joe and I love watching the old reruns from our youth, including The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, Bonanza, Big Valley, Daniel Boone, Golden Girls mostly. I prefer anything that could be a true story with no violence of any kind, good moral values, and good clean fun. I agree wholeheartedly with Elaine when it comes to anything in outer space, because I am also way too practical and realistic for that stuff.

  4. I was in a Christian college that didn’t allow TVs for the latter half of the 70s, and we didn’t have one when we first got married, so I missed out on some shows. Little House on the Prairie is probably my favorite of the ones mentioned. I don’t know when The Waltons was on, and I don’t remember seeing much of it in its original run, but I’ve enjoyed reruns on the station we keep on my m-i-l’s TV. The Incredible Hulk with Bill Bixby was one we liked, as well as The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, another Bill Bixby one. Barney Miller was a favorite in our early married years.

  5. I watched Gilligan’s Island, thought it was hilarious. Sort of took me away from the daily grind. I watched anything with Florence Henderson. I guess I felt a connection to her because she was born and raised a few miles from where I lived. In fact, her sister lived next door to my aunt so I always got the latest news on what her next adventure was! I enjoy reruns occasionally but don’t want much TV anymore except for sports and news.

  6. I’m an “early baby boomer,” so some of my shows are from the 50s. We got to stay up and watch “Wagon Train” with popcorn and our only drink of Coca Cola for the week. We liked “The Donna Reed Show” and “Mickey Mouse Club” reruns. There was a short-lived show called “Time Tunnel” which was fantastic, but then Gene Roddenbury got caught up in “Lost in Space” and “Star Trek.”

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