IO Blocks Kids on the Block Party

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Blocks. No matter how high-tech toys become, kids still seem to be drawn to the simple things — like blocks. I played with blocks growing up. My sister and I built churches and houses for our Fisher Price Little People with them. My own girls loved creating complex designs with blocks, too.

Well, blocks are still around. And some have even become high-tech! Enter IO Blocks by Guidecraft. Each set of these blocks consists of 12 unique plastic shapes in 6 colors. They connect with a secure, adjustable friction fit and feature soft-touch plastic with a special matte finish. The open-ended building possibilities and problem solving, puzzle-like qualities make IO Blocks a great fit for educators and parents interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skill development (note — my kids hear about STEM all the time at school, yet several at my party had not. Is the acronym familiar to you?).

So, thanks to Tryazon and IO Blocks, I hosted a little get-together to see how kids would enjoy these blocks.

#IOblocks GuidecraftThey had a lot of fun with them! As kids usually do, they began by creating on their own. I learned pretty fast as a teacher that you should always give kids time at first to just explore new toys or gizmos. Let’s face it — we would all like to do that, rather than immediately being told what to do.

#IOblocks Guidecraft IO BlocksThen, we began exploring the IO Blocks app. This part wasn’t all that intuitive to me, so I had my teenage daughter take over.

#IOblocks GuidecraftThey found the app “really neat” in the way it helped bring the blocks to life. Here’s a video showing how the app works, for all you techies:

#IOblocks Guidecraft

We ended up with a neat zoo full of colorful animals! But that’s just the beginning of what kids can create with IO Blocks — they can also make vehicles, robots, and so much more.

As a mom and as a teacher, I recommend these blocks. I love toys that foster creative play, and these definitely do!

You can buy IOBlocks directly from the manufacturer, Guidecraft. They’re also available at Walmart and Amazon.

Did you play with blocks as a child? Did your kids?

4 thoughts on “IO Blocks Kids on the Block Party

  1. Both of my daughters loved to play with blocks. Back then, they were just square wood blocks with letters of the alphabet on the sides. When they first started playing with them, they loved to stack them, then knock them over. They thought that was so funny! As they got older, they would try to build things out of them. The IO blocks are very impressive. Even I would enjoy playing with them.

    Yes, I am familiar with STEM. One of my grandsons is in his third year of STEM. However, at his school, it’s STEMM because they add Music to the science, technology, engineering and math.

  2. Yes, I’ve heard of STEM. I don’t recall where I first came in contact with that acronym. These blocks are really creative. I used to think that blocks were mainly for boys, but I know we had some when I was a child, so apparently girls like to play with them too.

  3. I can’t think of any kid who didn’t love blocks, so I can see why most kids would enjoy playing with these new very colorful blocks. I had heard of STEM awhile back, and I love the idea of adding another M to it for music! Next time I see my great-grands, I will mention the IO blocks by Guidecraft to them. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I am sure we had blocks as a child but I honestly cannot remember it. I think blocks are a wonderful ageless toy. Within the last year I gave a box of blocks as a baby gift and the family seemed very pleased to get them. Back to these IOBlocks, children seem to love them and once you are finished for the day you can tear them down and it’s all fresh and new when they get them out again for more fun!

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