Baby Wren and the Great Gift: Review

**Thanks to BookLook Bloggers for a review copy or Baby Wren and the Great Gift.
wrenLooking for a sweet gift for a new baby, or for any child really, up to the early elementary years? Give Baby Wren and the Great Gift a look.

Its illustrations are lovely. The story is about baby wren, and how she feels insignificant compared to the big, beautiful world around her — as well as compared to all the wonderful creatures she encounters. But, as you probably suspect, by the book’s end she has come to realize that even baby wrens have unique gifts.

Since books like this rely so heavily on their illustrations, here’s a book trailer to give you a look inside:


I have to admit that I love the trailer also for its fun features (I’m specifically thinking of the way the wren’s eye blinks!).

This is a large, hardcover book with a book jacket. It’s going to be too large for a child 2 or under to maneuver by his- or herself, and a toddler could easily wreak havoc with the jacket, but that’s okay. It’s ideal for a parent or other adult to read with a child, and to use to teach the child about honoring books (okay, that sounds corny). What I mean is that you can teach the child as you hold her on your lap how to gently turn pages, etc. I know, I know — my teacher is coming out. I can turn almost anything into a lesson 🙂

Do you have a favorite book to give to a new baby or young child?

3 thoughts on “Baby Wren and the Great Gift: Review

  1. This is a great idea for a book to have at great-grandmother’s house! Layla was over for a visit yesterday after school, so a book such as that would really come in handy. She is such a sweetheart, and I feel sure that she will sit still to be read to by me! This little girl is very quiet, docile, and petite…a real joy!

  2. I loved the trailer. Looks and sounds like a great book. I always liked the Jamie Lee Curtis books for the lesson to learn and the absolutely fabulous illustrations.

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