Play the Piano in One Day

1948 ad piano lessons

Play the Piano in One Day … hmmm. Is it possible?

The answer is yes, according to an ad from the 1948 vintage comic book “Gangsters Can’t Win” (I recently sold several old comic books that had belonged to my mother-in-law, but I couldn’t resist paging through them first).

The first thing that amused me was an ad for playing piano in a comic book. I typically wouldn’t think of the comic book reader being a great candidate for piano lessons, but then again — in 1948, I’m guessing piano playing was much more “hip” than it is these days.

Gotta love the two years of lessons for $300 too. Actually, for 1948, that sounds pretty high to me. I thought everything back then was like a nickle, right? 🙂

And I sure would like to hear Shirley, playing so beautifully in less than 5 days. She doesn’t even appear to be looking at the music. Wow! I wonder if I could improve my playing (and pick up an interested guy!) if I had access to one of those amazing slide chord devices?

A quick search yielded a few Dale Shears piano books still out there. Maybe I should order one and see what kind of magic lies inside — then again, I think I know that the “trick” to learning to play the piano is years of hard work.

How about you? Ever buy something pitched in a magazine? I did once, in my teens — something guaranteed to produce gorgeous hair, I think. True to my nature, when it failed to work a miracle, I sent it back for the money-back guarantee (which, of course, wasn’t quite as “money-back” as promised).

3 thoughts on “Play the Piano in One Day

  1. The whole idea of learning to play the piano in one day is just preposterous! Most piano students aren’t very good in a whole year when there is so very much to learn. Those few fortunate people who can play totally by ear might have a slim chance of appearing to be proficient in a few weeks or a year, but my standard has always been that one should take lessons for 5 years if they wish to retain the knowledge and play for the rest of their lives.

  2. I wonder if anybody really believes they can learn to play the piano in one day. If they do believe that, they are seriously deluded/delusional.

  3. In the summer we’d save our pop bottle return money and send away for “jokes” in the back of comic books. One I remember was a plastic candy bar that held water to squirt people with when they got close. Of course, my sister sent for the whoopee cushion…

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