ESV Family Devotional Bible: Review

ESV Family Devotional Bible

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Did you grow up with a familiar Bible or Bible storybook? I did, and I still have our family’s copy. It’s called Egermeier’s Bible Storybook, and I hope to pass it down to yet another generation.

ESV Family Devotional Bible strikes me as that type of storybook. I was interested in it right away, when I looked at the illustrations on its cover. They were the detailed type of picture I loved poring over when I was a child.

ESV Family Devotional Bible

I should mention upfront that this is an actual entire Bible, in the ESV (English Standard Version) translation. You can read through this Bible with your family. I began doing that several years ago with our girls, after years of reading Bible stories to them. We “graduated” to the “real Bible,” and we made it through the New Testament and more than half of the Old before the girls grew up (note to parents: those seemingly endless days with toddlers and elementary-age kids do come to an end!).

But let’s say your kids are just too young to take in a reading from the actual Bible. That’s okay, because this Bible features 130 more simply-told Bible stories (with these great illustrations) scattered throughout. They cover most of the major Bible stories.
ESV Family Devotional Bible

Another feature I like is that this hardcover Bible includes several maps in the back. As a child, I remember reading about a place name and then flipping to my Bible’s map section to find it. And when I visited Israel, one of the best aspects to me was being able to put a picture with the place names I’d heard so many times.

ESV Family Devotional Bible maps

I really love this Bible, and feel like it could be great for a family to use, beginning when the kids are little and continuing on through the years, maybe even being passed down to the grandkids.

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29 thoughts on “ESV Family Devotional Bible: Review

  1. I’ve been looking for a good Bible for our kids 4 and 7. What I’d really like is just the bible with illustrations, which I can’t seem to find. This looks like a good option though.

  2. I wish they’d donate about 150 copies to our little Church. I’ve been trying to find a super discounted book to give all the kids. This would be great.

  3. This sounds like a good option for families of young children. For that reason, I’m not entering your contest, because I believe there are families who could better benefit from it than I. I love reading through my New King James Version of the Bible, and am once again planning to read through it in a year.

  4. This sounds great! It looks very much like a Bible I had as a child, only they didn’t have ESV then – but the illustrations look similar.

  5. It’s amazing how often you tell me of a new product. You have done it, again. The ESV Family Devotional Bible looks wonderful for a young family. It would be a good way to introduce small children to a user friendly Bible Story Book.

  6. This would be great for my 6 & 4 year olds.

  7. I did grow up hearing bible stories and now my daughter is getting to a great age for this. Easter has really sparked her interest.

  8. I grew up hearing stories, and we work hard so our kids will know them too!

  9. I heard some Bible stories as a child. My favorite was Esther! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  10. I grew up hearing stories. My favorite was Esther.

  11. I grew up in church, as did my husband. We are raising our two young girls in church as well. It’s so exciting to see faith through a child’s eye!

  12. I grew up hearing bible stories in sunday school and at vacation bible school.

  13. I grew up hearing Bible stories from my mom.

  14. I grew up hearing bible stories at things like vacation bible school. I would love this for my family.

  15. I sure did! Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  16. We did grow up hearing bible stories, but we had several different storybook bibles.

  17. I grew up hearing bible stories and loved hearing them 🙂

  18. I did, my grandmother would take me to church and quote from the bible, the best grama ever!!!

  19. I grew up hearing stories from The Bible and had a set oriented towards kids when I was a child

  20. Yes I grew up listening and reading bible stories.

  21. I definitely grew up as a Sunday School child. Also went to vacation Bible school. My mom always had some Christian books at the house for me.

  22. Yes I grew up hearing Bible stories. Jesus is my Lord & Savior.Id love to win this to study when my nieces are over. Thank you for the chance 🙂

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