Just Jan’s Jamboree

JustJan's Jamboree lemon curd

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#justjans lemon curd lemon bars

Have you heard of Just Jan’s? I’ll admit I hadn’t. It’s a brand begun by — no surprise here — a woman named Jan. Jan Hogrewe, a lifelong food lover, launched her product line of fruit spreads in 2012. There are currently 13 flavors, and you can buy them online through her website (you can buy them in some stores in California as well, but for us non-Californians, online is the way to go). Jan uses the highest quality ingredients, and her spreads have 14% less sugar than traditional spreads.

Their packaging is beautiful. I hosted a get-together where guests could try Just Jan’s spreads and Signature Lemon Bars made from her lemon curd (really tasty!).

My overall thoughts on the products — I loved the lemon curd. It was tangy and sweet without being too sweet. I was — hmmmm, let’s say wary — about the fig spread. This is a girl who never even liked fig newtons. But, I decided to ease in it by trying it in a recipe for Fig and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts. Guess what? It was SO good! Tasted really gourmet, but very easy to make.

Fig and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts

I would never have thought to buy fig spread. But believe me, it tasted delicious in this dish.

Just jan's gift pack

A fun way to try Just Jan’s spreads is through a gift pack. These contain 6 little jars of the spreads, each in different flavors, so you can see which you like best without a big commitment 😉 (By the way, I really loved the strawberry, and the key lime curd).

Just Jan's Jamboree


Have you heard of Just Jan’s products? Have you tried them?


7 thoughts on “Just Jan’s Jamboree

  1. No, I have never heard of “Just Jan’s.” I love to try different spreads and these sound delicious. Thanks for letting us know about them. Very attractive packaging!

  2. Just Jan’s is new to me today. I enjoy experimenting with new foods so I feel sure I would enjoy sampling her products. The pictures on this blog are nice, too.

  3. Nope, never even heard of Just Jan’s fruit jams, but I would love to do the sample 6 without a commitment if they aren’t too pricey! Another friend recently had a recipe for the Fig and Goat Cheese Chicken, so now I am wondering if that is where her idea came from or not. When I first read the recipe, I mad a mental note that I would like to try it sometime, so now I have heard about it twice so I better get busy on that. Like you, I never have liked fig newtons either, although I have sampled a few in my lifetime. Since I do love goat cheese, I am more encouraged to give this recipe a try!

  4. I’ll bet I would love her jams, since I’ve given up jams completely because I’m supposed to limit my simple carbs. I’ll sure I would love the sampler!

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