10 Things You Didn’t Know Queen Elizabeth Owns

Queen Elizabeth II -- courtesy NASA, public domain

Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth! As we wish the monarch a happy 90th this month, let’s look at some things she has owned in her lifetime that are a bit … unusual:


Okay, it’s not unusual to have a dog. But the Queen has owned over 30 of them during her reign. I’m happy to report that her first was named Susan, and she received her as an 18th birthday present in 1944. The Queen went on to own many of Susan’s descendants.


In case you didn’t know, a cygnet is a baby swan. I think the first time I heard the term was decades ago, when I read that Prince William was in the cygnets group at his preschool. Anyway, the Queen owns 88 cygnets on the River Thames, which runs through London. Don’t worry about her out there feeding them in inclement weather, though — that’s handled by her Swan Marker.

A Wedding Cake Made of Wedding Gifts.

The Australian Girl Guides (their equivalent of Girl Scouts) gave Elizabeth ingredients to make her wedding cake, for her 1947 wedding. McVitie and Price Ltd used the ingredients to make the cake.

The Largest Pink Diamond in the World.

This, of course, is just one of many, many jewels Queen Elizabeth owns. You’ve heard of the Crown Jewels, right?

A Box of Snail Shells.

This is one of the more unusual gifts the Queen has received on her many world travels. Other unique items she has been gifted include jaguars, sloths, beavers, an elephant named Jumbo, eggs, and a grove of maple trees.


Lots of letters. In fact, over her reign, Queen Elizabeth has received over 3 million pieces of correspondence. Thankfully, she has ladies in waiting to help.

Cowboy Boots.

She didn’t buy them (and honestly, I’m doubting she wears them), but she received them on a trip to U.S.

Heavy Robes.

Queen Elizabeth at her coronation, with Prince Philip.

Queen Elizabeth at her 1953 coronation, with Prince Philip. (public domain photo)

You can guess from a look at the robe Queen Elizabeth wore at her coronation that it’s heavy. So heavy, in fact, that she reportedly asked the Archbishop of Canterbury on that day to give her a little push, requesting that he “get me started.”

Good Luck Charms.

The Queen carries several of these in her purse (yes, she carries purses). They are reported to include a picture of her son Andrew, taken after his safe return from the brief Falklands War where he served — also miniature horses, dogs, and other family photos.


Husband Philip reported refers to Her Majesty as “cabbage” and “sausage.” The horror!

Billy Bass Singing Fish.

Yes, seriously — there is reportedly one of these atop the grand piano at Balmoral. Don’t worry … be happy!

For those of you who counted — yep, that’s actually 11. Just like the Queen’s possessions, there’s always a bit more once you start looking …


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4 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know Queen Elizabeth Owns

  1. On the Billy Bass: The more you learn about the Upper Reaches of British Society (i.e. the Downton Abbey set) the more like American Rednecks they become. Hunting (Fox Hunting) aside they both love to shoot anything, fish, and ignore morality, overlook legal transgressions and have trouble not marrying cousins! I think it’s sad her gun dogs–the labs–don’t get more play. She has champions and can show them herself. A great eccentric aristocratic country granny past-time. Like carriage driving. Fun post!

  2. THANKS, Susan, for such an interesting post on the Queen’s birthday! All of the pictures are so regal!! She looked like sunshine itself when she wore the yellow attire shown at the top of the post. The most shocking tidbit was the pet names that her husband calls her. Egads! That reference sounds like a Redneck for sure. Keep writing about the Royals often, because they are truly interesting.

  3. I certainly enjoyed this post. You made it informative and entertaining. I had quite a few chuckles. The Royals are certainly an interesting group. I wish we could get more recent pictures of Charlotte. She looks like a cutie, just as George is.

  4. Well that was enlightening! I’ve never heard of most of these things. I agree that having your husband call you cabbage or sausage would not be my idea of something to covet. Now the diamond … well, that’s another thing. Thanks for this fun post.

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