Menu Plan Monday 4-18-2016

Happy Menu Plan Monday to all, and I’m happy to report that the weather has been wonderful here this week. I hope yours is as well!

This was a busy week as usual. I had fun helping host a writer’s night at the high school here, where seniors in the AP language composition class read essays they have written. I’ve gone to this, both alone and with various of my girls, for years, and I always enjoy hearing what the kids come up with.

high school writers

This week features more year-end wrapup stuff for my kids, and recital prep heads into high gear with my piano kids. I am also finally in the garden, planting, weeding, moving indoor plants outside. It’s an exciting time of the year, and I do love it.

Of course, I’ll be cooking as well. Here’s what the menu plan for the week looks like —

Monday: Chicken, Spinach, and Cannellini Bean Quesadillas — I’ve made these a few times and they are really good.

Chicken, Spinach, and Cannellini Bean Quesadillas

Tuesday: Baked Spaghetti – This looks similar to the spaghetti pie that I make.

spaghetti pie

Wednesday: Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings in an effort to get away from canned biscuits and all the “stuff” in them, I usually have a batch of homemade biscuits in the freezer)

Thursday:  Mexican Tamale Pies — I’ve made these before too. Yum.

Friday: I’ll make a few kinds of fish — some fish sticks for those preferring that; baked fish for others (my latest bag is “whiting” and I have to say — yuck!). I’ll probably have green beans and potatoes too.
baked fish

What is new in your world this week? Share in the comments — it’s my version of the front porch 🙂 .

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4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 4-18-2016

  1. The writing events sounds interesting. Your menus sound really good! I make a version of that baked spaghetti too, but with cream cheese and Parmesan–never anything to throw out. It all gets eaten either at dinner or in well-received leftovers.

  2. I’d love going with you to the writing thing! Are there some who are really good? I would love the spaghetti pie. I used to make something like that, but I’ve either lost the recipe or don’t know where to find it. I’d enjoy making that, but I’d be so tired of it before I could eat it all. What’s going on in my world? The big machine that chews up wood has just returned within the past hour!

  3. I have at least 3 pounds of aspargus I need to fix – hopefully tonight. I hope to roast aspargus with garlic in some butter/olive oil. Recently I bought 5 pounds of aspargus at Aldis. Food that gets wasted is not any way to save money so I must prod myself to use it quickly! I finished stir fry tonight that I made when Caroline came.

  4. Yum on those quesadillas! I have been running around trying to learn to photographs rooms and honestly had no idea how much work it is to NOT see junk in photos. lol I still have to make dinner and I feel as if I ran a marathon.
    It is crazy hot in Southern Cali. and the air is running so the bill will get higher and higher.
    And that is pretty much it for me. We are prepping for Orchestra and seventh grade. Busy, busy,


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