#StockUpSave for Spring at Walmart

**Thanks to SheSpeaks and WalMart for sponsoring this StockUpSave post, which contains affiliate links at no charge. Enjoy the savings!**

Although you wouldn’t know it from the weather here in the Midwest recently, it is spring. Soon, it will (hopefully) feel like it. There’s something about spring that brings out the urge to clean, declutter, spruce up — you understand, I know.

WalMart is teaming up with some of the most popular brands people use to get themselves into the spring spirit. I headed out last week to see what I could find for my family this spring. It was easy, because right now there’s a StockUpSave event going on!

StockUpSave WalMart Febreze

First I picked up some Febreze. This stuff comes in so many fresh, springlike scents that it’s easy to get your house smelling clean and wonderful even if the weather isn’t great. I love keeping a can in the bathroom, or anyplace else that might need a bit of freshening up … I’m especially enjoying the Island Fresh scent!

StockUpSave WalMart Gain

When it comes to detergent, I think Gain has the market cornered on great scents. I love the Apple Mango Tango variety, but the original is hard to beat. Use Gain, and you’ll get a fresh whiff of springtime as you open your washer!

StockUpSave WalMart Crest ProHealth

When it’s time to brush your teeth, my favorite way to end the day is to rinse with Crest Pro-Health. This rinse is easy to use, fresh tasting, and it helps keep your mouth healthier than brushing alone, since a rinse can go places a toothbrush can’t.

StockUpSave WalMart venus ravor

My teenage daughters just loved the new Venus razors I picked up as well. Don’t the pretty pastel colors look spring like? The girls love the nice feel of the handles on these razors, and the close shaves they provide. We don’t want nicked-up legs for spring, now do we?

Here is a list of all the StockUpSave products you can look for at WalMart:

Now. I know I mentioned saving, and that’s one of the reasons I purchased these items at WalMart. WalMart consistently offers top-notch products at rock-bottom prices. For instance, after I bought my razors at WalMart, I checked their price at another store I visited. At that store, they cost $4 more (30%)! WalMart helps you save, even if you don’t use coupons.

Are you on Facebook? If so, visit the April Stock Up & Save event there for more information, and for reminders throughout the month.

If you want to take your saving to the next level, I recommend using the Ibotta app if you have a smartphone. Download the app (linked in last sentence), and then you can click on the stores you shop at to find the products you buy. Many of those products offer rebates. And starting April 11, many of the P&G products I’m featuring here offer rebates through Ibotta (for instance, a quick look at the app shows me that the Gain I purchased can earn me a $1.75 rebate at Ibotta). I’m relatively new to the whole smartphone/app thing, but even I could figure it out. I’ve already cashed out once for $20. Do you use Ibotta? If so, please share tips in the comments, because I always like to learn. If you don’t — now is a great time to try it!


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