Glenn Beck: Family

Glenn Beck: family

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Glenn Beck: beginning as a radio talk-show host and continuing as an author and a Fox News commentator, he is a media star. You may have heard Glenn Beck and be familiar with his conservative, libertarian views, but what about his family? Is he married? Does he have children?

Actually, yes to all those questions. Beck was born in Mount Vernon, Washington, in 1964. His early life was marked by tragedy as his mother committed suicide when Glenn was 14, and his father died of a heart attack.

Glenn Beck: Family

Beck married at 18 and moved to Salt Lake City for a radio job. Over the next several years, he moved various places around the country for different radio jobs. Divorced at 30, Glenn and his first wife had two daughters, Mary (who suffers from cerebral palsy), and Hannah.

Around this time, Beck was living in Baltimore and met Pat Gray, who would become his closest friend. Gray was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS, commonly known as the Mormon church). During this time, Beck struggled with ADHD, drugs and alcoholism and has described himself as a “despicable person.”

After hitting rock bottom, Beck met current wife Tania in 1998. The meeting occurred when she stopped at the Connecticut radio station where he worked to pick up a Walkman she had won in a contest. At the time, the 6’3″ Beck was a divorced, pro-choice guy sporting long hair. Nine years younger than Glenn, Tania insisted he turn his life around if they planned a future together.

The couple began visiting churches. Glenn’s friend Gray heard about this and insisted Glenn and Tania try an LDS church. The church’s teachings resonated with Glenn, Tania, and Glenn’s daughters, and they decided to become members. Beck was baptized in 1999 by his friend Pat Gray, and he and Tania married in January 2000. This marked a new beginning for him.

Glenn and Tania adopted a son, Raphe, through LDS Family Services (a Mormon agency) in 2004. A daughter, Cheyenne Grace, was born to them on April 30, 2006.

“My gift is being able to emote and being able to have people feel what I feel,” Beck has said.

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  1. I’m not one of his fans, but perhaps I would be if I listened to him. I knew nothing of his early life. I’m sorry to read about some of his decisions. They were poor ones in my opinion.

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