Childhood Memories Friday: Flintstones Memories

Childhood Memories Friday

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Many of Us Grew Up with Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, Dino and the Flintstones Gang

Yabba Dabba Doo! If you grew up in the 1960s, no doubt that’s a familiar cry. Fred Flintstone, star of “The Flintstones” joyfully let loose with that phrase each night as he slid off his dinosaur crane to end another day of work at the quarry.

Ah, the Flintstones. They have now been part of the American consciousness for fifty years; the show debuted September 30, 1960, and ran through April 1, 1966. Why do the Flintstones hold such a special place in the hearts of many Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers?

Fred Flintstone, Loveable Oaf

Fred Flintstone was large and loud. He wasn’t the sharpest rock in the quarry either. But there’s no denying that Fred was lovable. He adored his wife Wilma, and was a loyal buddy to bff Barney. His blustery tirades would usually end up with a blushing admission that he didn’t have all the answers after all. Most of us know a Fred or two in our own lives!

Wilma, the Woman Behind the Man

Where would Fred Flintstone be without Wilma? Wilma was no doubt the brains of the family – organized, competent, and at times exasperated. But in the end, Wilma and Fred were a perfect match; she helped him get his act together and he helped her loosen up.

Pebbles, Cute Baby

The birth of baby Pebbles Flintstone was an anxiously awaited TV event (my mom remembers that I did not want to leave home when Pebbles’ birth neared, fearing I might miss it!). We could all “oooh” and “ahhh” over the cute little Stone Age baby, complete with a bone hair clip and spotted dresses. And of course let’s not forget Pebbles’ sidekick, the mighty Bamm-Bamm.

Barney and Betty, the Perfect Neighbors

Wouldn’t we all love to have our best friends live next door? That’s what happened for Fred and Wilma, in the characters of Barney and Betty Rubble. Barney is perfect for Fred. He goes along with Fred’s schemes, and his simple mind lets Fred be the boss. And Betty and Wilma are the perfect girlfriends; sharing good times and solving life’s little problems with their cleverness.

Visual Delights

Who needs today’s flashy special effects? “The Flintstones” had plenty of visual jokes and novelties. I remember loving the way the characters’ feet powered their cars. The woolly mammoth as vacuum cleaner. Woodpecker as needle on a record player. Birds as car horns … the list goes on and on.

When you’re with the Flintstones
you’ll have a yabba dabba doo time.
A dabba doo time.
You’ll have a gay old time.

Did you watch The Flintstones? Any memories of the stone age family?


9 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Flintstones Memories

  1. The end of the tune says a lot about the vintageness of this show – “You’ll have a gay old time!” We sure can’t say that these days. I first heard about the Flintstones when I worked at the office in Holland Dairy & Ice Cream. Linda Linstrot was talking about it. As I recall she said it was cute even for adults to watch. Of course, we did not have a television, so I couldn’t watch it at that time.
    When Susan got into it, she REALLY got into it. After the show would end she would run up and ask, “Is there ANYTHING Flintstones I can do????” I kinda think Mary Ellen got you Flintstones stampers or was it pins to wear – I know she got you some Flintstone gift. Didn’t we have a Flintstones coloring book? If so, it would be in a big box in my closet, along with all our coloring books from you girls’ childhood. You name it, I keep it! (I think one of you maybe got the coloring book on a trip to Kings Island??

  2. I loved the show and think it appealed to all ages. It always put me in a good mood. I, too, awaited Pebble’ s birth, and thought she was the cutest baby. All the characters were special though.

  3. I loved all of the animal “appliances.” I even loved the cartoons of the teenage Pebbles and Bambam in later years on Saturday morning. My best memory is my Mom, normally unflappable, asking if we couldn’t read something else after reading me this book umpteen times. I got it at a neighbor’s garage sale and was very impressed. Yes, of course, I still have it, but my kids didn’t now the Flintsones very well–they preferred Spiderman and Sagwa!

  4. I missed out on the Flintstones era. From reading your account, they must have started while I was still living at home, where we had no TV. Then I was in nursing school during the next part of their existence. I do recognize them, but have no knowledge of the show.

  5. We loved the Flintstones at our house during the 60s! Daughter Julie was a big fan for sure. Just seeing the subject of the day inspired me to burst out singing the Flintstone song. It is unforgettable even after another 50 years have gone by.

  6. Love my Pebbles doll and my Bam Bam ring, both from King’s Island.

  7. We used to draw Flintstones cartoons at recess in the third grade. When I taught, I had my students draw step-by-step Fred Flintstones for an activity on following directions.

  8. I loved the Flintstones, but now my kids just think it is a cereal! The movie version was OK and I have watched it with my kids, but you are right the cartoon was a treasure! Fifty years, wow! That is staying power for sure.

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