Menu Plan Monday 3/14/2016

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Hi everyone; I hope it’s a good Monday where you are. It is here — my oldest daughter came home from college Friday for her spring break. There’s something really nice about having all the girls at home again. She also enjoys cooking and in fact said the two things she misses most while at college are driving and cooking. So, it will be great having her do some of the cooking this week. She decided several recipes she would like most this week, so here goes:

Monday: White Chicken Lasagnavery popular here, and a nice change from “regular” lasagna. The girls also pointed out that this is “pi day” so I’m sure we will end up with some kind of pies, too.

Tuesday:  Potato Soup 

Wednesday: fish night

Thursday: Make Your Own Pizza — someone asked recently how I make pizza dough. Here’s my recipe — I combine these ingredients in my bread machine and run it on Dough Cycle:

2 teaspoons yeast

1 cup water

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons olive oil

1 1/2 cup white flour

1 cup wheat flour

After the dough cycles finishes, I make the dough into however many individual pizzas we need (this amount makes about 4 for us). Then, add the toppings you like and back 15-20 min. at 425.

Friday: Southwestern Turkey Meatloaf

southwest turkey meatloaf

southwest turkey meatloaf

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5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 3/14/2016

  1. The food menu for the week sounds delicious. My granddaughter is a college freshman and told me how much she misses driving also. Didn’t say anything about missing cooking though!!

  2. I am so glad you are together as a family! This is my spring break so I will do less cooking than normal since I’ll be out and about. Makes me happy your girls love to cook! It must go back to 4-H!

  3. I’m glad you’re altogether, too! I think I’m going to try your meatloaf. I’m hungry for meatloaf. Enjoy your time with daughter #1 at home.

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