Menu Plan Monday 3/7/2016

skinny chicken alfredo

Welcome to another Menu Plan Monday! I’m planning menus for the week today with a slight case of the flu, which isn’t the ideal way to do it — but it must be done, so …

The week ahead looks like a good one. Our temperatures should be in the 60s, which is quite a welcome change after — well, winter. I’m hoping this is it for winter this year. I have some seeds I checked out of the “seed library” at a local library branch, and maybe this week I’ll start those (I love the idea of seeds at the library. Of course, you can’t turn them back in — but they ask that you grow vegetables from them, and then if possible return some seeds at the end of harvest for next season). The past few years I haven’t started tomatoes (or most other things) from seeds, but this thing from the library has motivated me to try again.

Here’s the menu plan:

Monday: Skinny Chicken and Spinach Alfredo — made this a few weeks ago, and it was really tasty. I only used one jar of the alfredo sauce, and it was still good (see photo at the top).

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Meatloaf with veggies– tore this out of a Redbook magazine. I can’t find it online. Basically, it looks like I coat potatoes, carrots, and onions with flour and pour broth over them; then form a meatloaf and set it on top, and cook for 6 hours. How about I’ll try it, and if it’s good, I’ll type out the recipe …

Wednesday: Wendy’s Chili — left from last week. I love it when that happens!

Wendy's chili

Thursday: I think I’ll make a quick-n-easy Hamburger Helper this night 🙂

Friday: Taco Potatoes — new recipe, looks good.

More menu plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.

What is new in your life or in your kitchen this week? I always enjoy hearing about what you’ve been up to, in the comments. Have a good one!

5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 3/7/2016

  1. Since I was low on vittles, Saturday I did some cooking. I made marinated carrots, using 3 pounds of carrots – every last carrot on my property got cooked! I also made a noodle/cabbage recipe that took a complete head of cabbage. It used up all the cabbage in my icebox BUT around St. Patrick’s Day they run cabbage real cheap. I always stock up on it then – enough to last me until it is available in the garden here. I also prepared a cute bag of corn chowder that Ellen, Brian, and girls bought me in South Carolina. I will add some of my Schwan chicken left from when I got $100 worth for $50. So I’ll be eating high on the hog this week! Thanks for asking. I hope you feel better real soon!

  2. Your menus all sound good to someone like me who only cooks for one! Sorry to hear that you are a bit under the weather, so GET WELL soon!

  3. I cooked a lot yesterday, some of it while watching IU beat Maryland. Yes!!! I made a crustless pumpkin pie and it makes a big one so we’ll have dessert for a few evenings. I also made picadillo to put over steamed white rice, a pork roast which we’ll have this evening. Steamed some fresh asparagus which was so good. Hubby will eat it but is not crazy about it. So I get more that way!! I like it warm with butter spray or cold with ranch dressing. We had slaw last evening so tonight I’ll do a tossed green salad. Get well soon, being sick is no fun. I’m glad you are having nice weather.

  4. Some of your recipes look so good, but I’m supposed to be eating low carbs. So that eliminates most of them. I hope you’re feeling back to normal very soon.

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