The Legend of the Easter Robin: Review

Legend of the Easter Robin

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It’s only February, but Easter will be here soon — March 27 this year!

If you’re like me, you really enjoy putting up Easter decor in the house and seeing its bright colors and spring-like look, that will hopefully soon be replicated outdoors in nature.

One of my favorite parts about Easter is my collection of beautiful Easter books, which I have loved reading to my girls over the years. This year, I have a lovely addition to my Easter library: The Legend of the Easter Robin.

This is a big, colorful book aimed at children aged 4-8. It tells the story of Tressa and her Grandma. Tressa is worried about the robins outside the window, watching over their nestful of eggs. Grandma repeatedly reminds her that God is watching over the robin family.

Here’s a taste of the book:

As Grandma and Tressa work on an Easter egg project, Grandma tells Tressa the legend of the Easter robin. Here, you may want to use caution with younger children — this legend involves the robin taking a thorn from Jesus’ thorn of crown. The thorn pierces the robin’s breast and he bleeds, creating the familiar “robin red breast.” The pictures in this section of the book are in shades of gray, and may be too intense for some younger children. Use your judgment.

Soon, the legend ends, Easter arrives, and the baby robins hatch.

I loved the book’s bright illustrations, and another take on the real Easter story is always welcome.

You can find The Legend of the Easter Robin: An Easter Story of Compassion and Faith (affiliate link) at Amazon or in bookstores. I think it would be a lovely Easter gift for your children, nieces and nephews, grandkids — you name it. And it contains no sugar 🙂

Legend of the Easter Robin

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30 thoughts on “The Legend of the Easter Robin: Review

  1. That is a lovely Easter book for children. On a sidenote, I find it cool that you are getting benefits from the vintage quilts that came your way recently. Things look so pretty on them. They would also be cool folded just so and stacked somewhere visible.

  2. This is such a neat book with an interesting legend story about how the robin got its red breast! Never heard that one before, but I like the explanation. Not this year but maybe as early as next year Joe’s granddaughter or my 3 great-grands would benefit from hearing this book read to them. The illustrations are particularly outstanding! I would love to win the give-away copy of this book.

  3. This is a pretty cool book! I think my kids would love reading this. We normally spend Easter with family and have a little egg hunt out in the back yard. The kids love it, the adults love hiding everything and watch them scurry around. 🙂

  4. I’m so thankful that this story has substance to it and is not just about an Easter bunny or something like that. I’m impressed that they’ve included the story of salvation in it.

  5. I would love this book for my kids! I think they would enjoy the story!

  6. my favorite thing is seeing all the kids dressed in their finest clothes and going to church to celebrate Christ rising from the cave

  7. I would give this book to my nephew please. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  8. I would give this to my daughter for her first Easter and read it to her 🙂

  9. I would give this to my daughter! Perfects for spring, Easter and she loves books and birds!

  10. Our family love to celebrate Easter together. If I win this book I would give it to my cousin.

  11. My favorite thing about Easter is dying Easter eggs with the kids and having a Easter Egg hunt.

  12. My favourite thing about Easter is how the season of renewal corresponds with the Resurrection.

    “The Legend of The Easter Robin” would make an excellent addition to the nursery / children’s library at my church, so that it may be enjoyed by many.

  13. My favorite thing about Easter is the joyful celebration at church and the time spent with my family at Easter brunch and at our egg hunt in the afternoon.

  14. I would love to win and give this beautiful book for my son
    Thank You

  15. this would be a great addition to the easter baskets I make for easter

  16. I would love this book for my daughter and my nephew! Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  17. I would give this book to my grandson Connor who is three and loves to be read to.

  18. I would give this book to my son. I love watching chick’s hatch.

  19. This book sounds wonderful and I would love to snuggle with my granddaughter as we read this together

  20. I would love to share this book with my two children. I love that Easter is a time of celebration that feels less commercial and more spiritual than your typical holiday.

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