Gymboree Little Golden Books Baby Collection

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Oh my. Oh my my my my my … have you ever come across a product that you just love? I mean, really LOVE? That’s what landed in my email today, and as a mom and as a teacher and … and … and … just as a human being, I am so excited about this new line from Gymboree.

As you know, from earlier posts, Gymboree was my favorite place to shop when my (now teenage, sniff sniff sniff) three girls were little.

And now, check out their new line — I can honestly almost not contain myself — it features … Little Golden Books characters! Sigh …

Poky Little Puppy baby clothesFor instance — remember The Poky Little Puppy? How adorable is this baby boy romper featuring the loveable little puppy?

Shy Little Kitten dressOr, how about an adorable dress with The Shy Little Kitten running along the hem? This would be sweet for an Easter dress, and then all summer long as well.


Fuzzy Duckling baby clothesJust when you thought the clothes couldn’t get any cuter, take a look at this Sweetest Duckling set, based on the Fuzzy Duckling book. Honestly, is it too early to start stockpiling cute baby clothes if your kids are teenagers?

As a teacher, I love the tie-ins these clothing items have with the books. Read a story with your child, and then point out the characters on their clothing. What a treat for a child (and the clothes is so cute, you’ll love them as well). If you don’t have the books, no worries — Gymboree sells them as well as the clothing.

Shop the New Little Golden Books baby collection at Gymboree!
Enter to Win the Little Golden Books Sweepstakes at Gymboree!


As part of the Little Golden Books baby collection launch, Gymboree is hosting a One Big Happy Storytime sweepstakes, giving away items you need to make storytime special. You can enter for the chance to win over $2,000 in prizes, including Little Golden Books nursery bedding and décor from The Land of Nod, a set of Little Golden Books from Random House, and a $500 gift card from Gymboree. Enter at now through February 29 (I already have!); winners will be announced in March.


10 thoughts on “Gymboree Little Golden Books Baby Collection

  1. This does look adorable! I must forward this to Billie Wintin. She is readying herself to do programs on vintage Little Golden Books. She has a vast assortment of same and continues adding to them. What would be perfect is if they featured some Eloise Wilkins illustrated animals/babies on this clothing line.

  2. Even my grandchildren are too old now for these adorable clothes. I remember reading the Little Golden Books to them as well as to my two little girls. I still love the books and occasionally stop to look at toddlers’ clothes when I’m shopping. Love Gymboree!!

  3. As our children and grandchildren were growing up, I don’t think many of us realized how important Little Golden Books were. I mean, you could buy one at the supermarket or the dime store for 25 cents, and they were always available. So what? Well those were some of the most important things about them. They were affordable,and available to anyone. We probably didn’t realize that they were produced by some of the best children’s authors and illustrators in the business. I could go on and on. I’m so happy that their popularity is having a resurgence.

  4. I’m having fun now sharing them with m great-grandchildren!

  5. My first thought is to forward this post to my granddaughter, Christie, and to Breanne and Adrienne as well. The clothes are darling, and I always did like the little Golden Books! My two children must have had dozens of them back in the day. The price then of 25 cents was very affordable back in the 50s and 60s. I wonder how much they cost now? If you find out, please let me know. Some of the treasures from the past are just as good for today. Just look at all of the toys coming around again, so why not children’s books?

  6. Leona — and others — looking at the site, the kitty book sells at Gymboree for 4.99, the other 2 are 3.99 each. A bit of an increase from the quarter price they used to be 🙂 I read that through Feb. 10, you get one of the books free with a $30 purchase 😉

  7. OH! OH! Thank you for bringing these clothes to my attention. I will make a beeline for Gymboree to get some gifts! I’ve always loved Little Golden Book illustrations.

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