Facts About Heidi Cruz, Wife of Ted Cruz

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Ted Cruz is one of the highest-polling candidates in the Republican Presidential field. As a conservative, I really like him. I remember several years ago when he spoke on the Senate floor all night long (21 hours, 19 minutes, to be exact) about the need to defund ObamaCare (most all of his republican cohorts had given up on the issue by then). Ted went on and on, even reading a story to his two daughters. I remember being so impressed with him, and wishing someone like him would actually run for President. Well — now he is. But what about the woman behind the man? Let’s learn a little more about Heidi Cruz.

Heidi Cruz – Early Years

Heidi Nelson was born August 7, 1972, in San Luis Obispo, California (she’s currently 43). Her dad was a dentist, her mom a dental hygienist. Her parents had worked as Seventh-day Adventist missionaries in Nigeria and Kenya.

Heidi’s mom describes her as “driven” — when Heidi was 5, she began piano lessons, and the little girl insisted on practicing an hour each night, sometimes two (as a piano teacher, I am drooling over this. It is VERY rare!). In fifth grade, Heidi announced that she wanted to attend Harvard.

During her high school years, Heidi ran for student body president, creating a poster saying “Heidi Nelson, the auspicious choice.” When a classmate told her that most of the kids didn’t know the meaning of “auspicious,” Heidi wasn’t discouraged. “Isn’t that great? You get an extra word for your SATs!” she reportedly said.

Heidi attended Claremont McKenna College, earning degrees in Economics and International Relations. She moved to New York and worked on emerging markets at J.P. Morgan. She was assigned to Latin American markets, and she taught herself Spanish in the evenings.

Meeting Ted Cruz

After working a few years, Heidi did go to Harvard Business School for her MBA. She turned down a job at Goldman Sachs to work on George W. Bush’s 2000 campaign as an economic policy aide. It was there that she met Ted Cruz, who reminded her of “a 1950s movie star.” They dated a year before marrying May 27, 2001.

Living in Washington, D.C., Heidi was the powerhouse of the couple. She worked at the Treasury Department and then the White House. Ted wanted to move to Texas to launch a political career, and so they did. Heidi went through a bout of depression  after this move, to the point of being found along the roadside, head in her hands, one night by a police officer. “When I moved to Texas, it really was for Ted, and I wasn’t comfortable with that,” she has said. She rebounded, and began working at Goldman Sachs in Houston as managing director.


The Cruzes have two daughters: Caroline Camille, born in 2008, and Catherine Christiane, born in 2011. The girls have appeared in a campaign commercial with their parents.

Heidi is described by those who know her as personable, breezy and fun. She sees her role as ‘softening’ her husband’s serious image. “She is the most dynamic female I have ever met, and I mean that,” says a Cruz friend. “She is on point and relentless.”

First Lady?

Ted Cruz’s decision to run for President was not one Heidi was onboard with at first. But he said that Heidi was driving one day, listening to a Christian song about seeking the face of the Lord. She pulled over on the freeway and started crying, realizing that the race was about God, the country and its future.

“God leads you to where he can use you the most,” she has said in an interview. “And it may not look exactly like you’d expect.”

The Cruz family currently attends Houston’s First Baptist Church.

Would you like to see Heidi Cruz as our First Lady?


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  1. I knew nothing about Heidi Cruz so I learned quite a bit. She is nothing short of impressive! I run with such as crowd of low achievers at school so wow ! how refreshing! Her piano practicing alone blows me out of the water. After my experience trying to learn Spanish last summer – (I bombed it!) – the fact she learned it nights is staggering. She’d be an awesome first lady!

  2. Thanks for the info.! I still haven’t decided for sure whom to vote for, but Cruz is among the top three for my consideration.

  3. Thanks for the info on Mrs. Cruz. Sounds like she has had a great upbringing and she difinately has brain power. I would be happy to see this couple succeed to the highest office in the land but I’m not sure I like the fact that we would then have a first couple younger than myself.

  4. I certainly enjoyed reading about Heidi Cruz. I knew nothing about her and now I do!! She’s very impressive and sounds as though she would make an outstanding First Lady.

  5. I knew nothing about Ted Cruz’s wife, to the point where I will admit that I didn’t even know her first name. But I’m impressed with what you’ve written about her. Ted Cruz is not my first choice for president. Unfortunately, my first choice isn’t doing too well. (I think he’s a distant number four, but perhaps he’ll be chosen as a VP candidate.) So, I’d be very happy to see Ted and Heidi in the White House.

  6. After reading your blog entry, I like the sound of Heidi Cruz! She reminds me of what an impressive lady Laura Bush has always been. With Donald Trump acting out about getting his feelings hurt, etc., I am ready to choose another candidate, such as Cruz, Rubio, or Ben Carson. Maybe tonight’s Republican Debate will cinch my choice of the best Conservative runner to vote for. 🙂

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