Childhood Memories Friday: Big World Atlas

Big World Atlas

Childhood Memories Friday

Years ago, not during my childhood but when I was first teaching, a guy would come by every so often and set up children’s books in the teachers’ lounge. We teachers would look over the books and we could buy them — at good prices.

I bought several books this way (not needing a lot of pushing, as I’ve always loved books anyway).

One day, I saw the Big World Atlas. I remember being a little reluctant since it was more expensive, but there was ‘floor model’ with a bit of wear. It seemed to be calling my name. I bought it, and it became one of the most popular books in my classroom.

Big World Atlas

Over the years, many kids spent hours poring over the big (the book is about 3 feet high) maps of the world, and of each continent. Of course, the colorful maps and illustrations within them made things much inviting than in the boring maps in typical textbooks.

Big World Atlas Germany Neuschwanstein

They learned so many things about various countries, just by looking at the pictures. Being me, I had to highlight Germany. Can you spot Neuschwanstein? No, it doesn’t have things labeled, but that can be an incentive for the kids to do a little research …

Big World Atlas big USA map

When I had my own kids, the Big Big World Atlas came home with me. My girls carried on the tradition of loving this book. I’m sure quite a bit of their knowledge of the world came from it. When I asked daughter #3 about it, she immediately mentioned “that awesome flag with 2 triangles, and the neat picture of cotton, and the seal, and” … what can I say, it’s one of those childhood items that burrows into one’s memory.

Big Big World Atlas is showing its age. It’s been taped and repaired many times, but the girls have finally stopped looking at it, and it’s time for it to move along (Marie Kondo would be so proud).

But not before a moment of recognition.

Did you have an atlas as a child? Do you remember enjoying looking at maps or flags of countries?

7 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Big World Atlas

  1. As a child, I do not recall us having any atlas at home. At my own home, years back, I got an atlas. I think I probably got it as a refund item. Seems actually like I got two of them that were different and I kept the better one and still use it from time to time. As to the atlas you bought, I don’t recall ever knowing you owned it. That was money well spent. When you become Mimi Braun, buy each daughter one for her family. And the circle of life continues. . .

  2. Once I began to get a glimpse of the needs of the world, maps and atlases became important to me. I don’t have a large atlas at home, but we have them at BI, so I can look at them there.

  3. We didn’t have a large atlas in grade school, but did have a large world globe in each classroom. During history and geography classes, we’d often refer to it. And it was amazing just to look at!

  4. I have the same atlas…..or at least I hope I still do…..need to dig around my classroom to find it. My students would love it! They love the large pull down maps of the U.S. and the world. So fun. I love to help my students learn that there is more to our world than going to the local Walmart. Sadly, that is all of the traveling most of them have experienced.

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