Childhood Memories Friday: Doll Dishes

childhood doll dishes 1960s 1970s

Childhood Memories Friday

Ah, childhood — remember pulling out your favorite doll, and … but wait. Honestly, that’s not really a memory I have, because I don’t remember doing much playing with dolls. I did have some — Buttercup comes to mind — but I was more into playing with my Barbies, and especially, my Little People or “kids” as I called them.

But, I still had some remnants of doll-play — and still have a few of those, like some of my childhood doll dishes. I captured some in the photo at the top. The Peanuts set were favorites, and I loved the characters’ faces on the dishes. There is tray too, with the whole gang pictured. I also had the delicate white plastic ones with the blue flowers, and a few little tins ones with “3 little kittens” figures embossed. And don’t miss the little bunny towel that was one of my earliest embroidery projects.

My collection was pitiful, though, compared to my mother-in-law’s. I recently came into it when she was getting rid of many of the things she’d stored in a barn for years.

What an awesome collection of doll dishes she had!

childhood doll dishes 1940s

These were her “everyday” dishes. They’re actual china!

childhood doll dishes 1940s

And here are her “fancy” dishes. Both sets look pretty classy to me.

childhood doll dishes 1940s

And here are more of her doll dishes and kitchen accessories in a hutch that her dad made (and my daughter #3 refinished for the 4-H fair last summer, with help from my mom). So cute!

Did you play with dolls and doll dishes as a child? Do you have your doll dishes anymore? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments.



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4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Doll Dishes

  1. YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU HAVE SNOOPY DISHES!!! squeeeeeeeee!!!! LOVE THOSE. I also love that beautiful Hoosier kitchen style hutch (my perfect cousin has a real Hoosier Kitchen). And your Mother-in-law’s dishes belong in the Queen’s little playhouse!! Super, super, super memories today!

  2. I just love doll dishes. All those in your pictures are wonderful. I had a small set of pastel dishes but when I stored them, a few were missing. When I moved last year, one of my daughters took what were left so they are still in the family. The hutch is gorgeous! Great refinishing job!

  3. I was lucky to get to help Sophie redo the antique cupboard! It is adorable! I love old doll dishes! I ended up with 2 doll plates from my childhood. They have a little guy on them and a monkey. Someday I will buy a little cup to match the plate. I am glad you kept your dishes, considering you were first born! The embroidered bunny is so sweet, too!

  4. You were blessed when your MIL decided to bestow the hutch and doll dishes on your family. I trust your girls realize what a blessing they’ve received. The dishes are beautiful.

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