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Livionex toothpaste on brush

With 2015 almost gone, we’re seeing end-of-the-year lists of all sorts. How about looking back at some of the year’s top posts on Girls in White Dresses Blog?

Now, by “top” I mean those posts that generated the most traffic. It doesn’t take long online to learn that the posts that attract the most attention aren’t the warm, fuzzy ones. Pretty much, I’d say they represent the things that most people were searching for that caused them to wind up here. That makes sense: when I go online, I’m not usually in search of poignant writing. No, I’m most likely looking for the answer to a question, or to learn more about a particular topic.

Here goes:

10. Febreze Car Vent Clips

I gotta say, I’m a bit baffled. Who knew that 648 people this year cared enough to learn more about these (they do smell good, though)?

9. Childhood Memories Friday: Shields Junior High School

This was a post inspired by a stop at the ruins of my former junior high gym. I posted it in a Facebook group of people who grew up in the town I did, and understandably, many were interested in seeing the photos and reading the reflections. It was sad to see what has become of a building that many of us remember so well.

8. Bavarian Prince Otto and Insanity in the 1800s

There’s a reason I wrote a book about “mad” King Ludwig — he’s fascinating. So was his brother, Otto. So is a look at how those who were mentally unstable were dealt with 100 or so years ago.

7. Pretzel Recipe with No Yeast

A few years ago, in the midst of 4-H prep with the girls, I remember my frustration as I realized from the rules book that our fair pretzels could not contain yeast. Huh? Every recipe we’d tried had yeast. Oh well, yet another 4-H oddity. I combined a few recipes to come up with one we liked. I know there have to be many parents out there similarly frustrated. I’m glad this post could help them.

Fun small-world anecdote: a reader contacted me regarding this post. We corresponded, and learned that we don’t live that far apart. We met for lunch this spring!

6. Jill Duggar’s Fiance Derick Dillard: Facts

Even with the current scandals, the fame of the TV Duggar family continues with the current “Jill & Jessa: Counting On” specials. I’m not surprised that people are still curious about Jill’s husband, Derick. Lately, he seems to be attracting attention due to his changing facial features, which were supposedly caused by dental surgeries. I don’t know many details on that, but I do know that he continues to fascinate.

5. Childhood Memories Friday: Family Affair’s Buffy and Jody; Where are they now?

Many baby boomers, like myself, enjoy reminiscing over remnants of our childhoods. Remember “Family Affair” on TV? Apparently many others do as well, and they wonder about the show’s cute twins.

4. Things You May Not Know about Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall

As a blogger, I constantly have to tell myself that it’s not about me. Most of my top posts are about topics I’m basically educating others about. And as a former teacher, I’m okay with that. Want to learn more about Prince Charles’ current wife? You’ll find it here.

3. Becoming Michelle Duggar

What was Michelle Duggar like before she had all those kids? It’s kind of interesting, actually, and not what you might expect (hint: she was a high school cheerleader).

2. Interesting Facts about Princess Diana’s Home – Secrets of Althorp

As a longtime fan of Diana’s, I love that a post about her (well, about her childhood home, but still …) is one of the year’s most popular.

and … drumroll, please … the most-viewed post of the year is:

Livionex: A Better Toothpaste – Review

I know, I know — a toothpaste review? Yet over 6000 people this year read it. And honestly, there’s some legitimacy to this. This toothpaste is truly amazing, and it’s a product I actually buy myself (although it’s $20 a tube). I treat myself to it, because it does dissolve away plaque in an amazing way (no, I get no benefit if you buy it. But I’ll be surprised if you’re not impressed!)

Top commenters (thank you! I love comments!) – #4 Leona, #3 Lisa of Hopewell, #2 Attic Girl (my mom), and … #1 Elaine (my aunt). THANK YOU to each of you, and to each of you who has commented at all (because you help make this feel less like I’m talking to a wall here), and to each of you who has even stopped by to read this year.

Do any of these top posts surprise you?






7 thoughts on “Top Posts of 2015

  1. That was interesting! I am surprised the one about you playing the chimes at the little Lutheran Church did not score in the top 10! I guess people most like to read about celebrities. Do not grow weary in your well doing. I look forward to your blog each morning!

  2. This has been a doozy of a year, and I missed many of these, so I am off to read them now!

  3. I loved your Livionex post, because I have been using this toothpaste ever since you wrote about it. I LOVE it. I cannot go back to normal toothpaste. 100% worth the cost. I try to buy multiple tubes at once and take advantage of any special they have to bring costs down. I notice that you can’t find usable discount codes anymore. Hoping with so much traffic to your site about this toothpaste that prices will start to come down eventually.

    The reports from my hygienist have been positive. My teeth always feel ‘clean’ and rarely do I get that fuzzy feeling on my teeth. Even after drinking or eating something sweet. Great product!

  4. I was surprised by which ones of mine were the most viewed, too – I guess it does make sense that the ones people would search for would be the most read. My first couple of years of blogging, I had a bunch of seasonal stuff in my files from years of compiling a church ladies’ newsletter and posted a good bit of that stuff – the Christmas and Thanksgiving ones always get lots of views those times of the year.

  5. This was a very interesting review of the favorite subjects on your blog! For about half of them, I was surprised, but not surprised by the high interest in famous people. Seems to me that too many of the general public are overly interested in celebrities. Who knew that toothpaste made #1. Is this toothpaste available in local drugstores? I had never even heard of it, so I must have missed that post.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR and happy blogging in 2016!

  6. I also missed the blog on the toothpaste. Am definitely interested in it. I love that not all of the favorites were about celebrities. As far as I am concerned, all of your blogs are wonderful and I enjoy them very much. Keep up the great work! I look forward to spending a few minutes each day online with you in 2016.

  7. It surprises me that over 6000 people would read about toothpaste!

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