From Neighbor to Entrepreneur: Mary Jane Luxury Robes

Mary Jane luxury robes

Imagine yourself wrapped in luxurious, constant comfort. Imagine a beautifully-styled, feminine robe that didn’t flop open every time you got up or sat down. If there were even garments capable of soothing away the day’s stress, they would be Mary Jane Luxury Robes. Sophisticated styling and brilliantly functional design make every moment of wear a complete pleasure.


Mary Jane luxury robes

Sounds great to me, and even more so because these robes were created by my former neighbor!

In fact, when I think of Mary, here is a memory — her handing out Halloween candy to my kids, over a decade ago:

giving children Halloween candy

She was (and is) a caring friend, a sharp businesswoman, and a wonderful singer.

But, let me tell you more about her robes —

With a passion for style, comfort, and design, Mary Michalak (pronounced ma HALL ick) introduced Mary Jane Luxury Robes from her Fort Wayne, Indiana office.  After earning the fashion industry’s recognition for her exciting and functional approach, Mary applied her designs into a unique collection of beautiful, luxurious bathrobes for the discerning woman. By design, the stylish bathrobes feature a front closure that allows the robes to stay closed and surround women in cozy comfort. The production and promotion of Mary’s dream is becoming a reality.

The name “Mary Jane” (yes, it’s Mary’s name) blends the vision of all-American love for luxury with softness, comfort, and beauty. The company name, Mary Jane Luxury Robes, with its trademark “heart” to be embroidered on each robe, is a symbol of the love that Mary’s own mother uses after her signature — a symbol of love that Mary wishes to share with all her customers.


Mary Jane luxury robes

Mary’s Hope Collection bed jacket offers quiet elegance for medical patients who enjoy the company of visitors, but want to hide unsightly health care devices. I don’t know about you, but I’d feel so much better greeting guests in this than in a hospital gown.


Mary Jane luxury robes

Mary’s Scruples Collection addresses the needs of working women seeking comfort, beauty and function. I can just picture this robe being worn by the ladies roaming the halls of Downton Abbey …

Mary personally designs each collection with love and care. Her robes are so comfortable and cozy, you’ll never want to take them off.

Mary returned to college when she’d passed the half-century mark, and earned her business degree while launching this endeavor. She’d spent the previous decades running an orthopedic template business that she’d started on her own, too. I really admire her, and I hope you’re just as impressed as I am with her latest venture. She has the work ethic, the industry knowledge, and the business savvy to make this venture a success.

If you’re interested in her robes, or if you know of a store or medical facility who might be, spread the word … they’re not in stores yet, but orders are being placed and you can contact Mary at her website.

3 thoughts on “From Neighbor to Entrepreneur: Mary Jane Luxury Robes

  1. I had no idea your former neighbor, Mary, was doing this. Wow! What a woman! You cannot hold Mary back. She is a brillant doer and man, can she sing! I have very good memories of her as your neighbor and wish her a world of good fortune with her new line of loungewear. Go Mary, go!

  2. The robes are beautiful, yet serviceable. Am wondering where they are sold. I will keep an eye out for them when I shop at high-end stores. Mary sounds like an amazing woman!

  3. These are very beautiful robes! What a neat success story for Mary! Just today I looked over my collection of robes and found out that I have 6, which is almost enough for every night of the week.
    Some I never ever wear, so I am putting them in the Good Will pile to donate. Truth is that I wear my favorite warm, fuzzy robe in winter and a cooler cotton one in summer, so I really only need two robes.
    However, I am interested in a price list when one is available. Sounds like a possibility for daughter Julie’s Christmas gift in 2016.

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