Menu Plan Monday 12/28/2015

kids playground

Welcome to the final Menu Plan Monday of 2015. I hope you each had a wonderful Christmas!

It was a warm one here — the top photo shows my girls and their cousins playing at a school playground on Christmas Eve. It was highly unusual to have this type of weather in December, but I loved it.


So this is one of the year’s quieter weeks — no school for the girls, no piano students for me. I’m looking forward to it!

Here’s the menu plan:

Monday: Football Fiesta Casserole — one of my oldest daughter’s favorites (have I mentioned how nice it is having her home from college?!)

football fiesta casserole


TORTILLA SOUP (one of the easiest and most-enjoyed items I make)

16 oz. refried beans

14.5 oz. chicken broth

5 oz. chunk chicken (I usually just cook 1 chicken breast)

15.5 oz. black beans, rinsed

3/4 cup salsa

Combine all ingredients.  Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer 10 min.

Crumble a few tortilla chips in the bottom of each bowl.

Ladle soup over chips and sprinkle with cheddar cheese.

Wednesday: Capunti Pasta with tomato, olive, and caper puttanesca seasoning — over Christmas I visited an Aldi at my mom’s hometown and bought some new things. They had several pasta/seasonings packs, and this is one. Looked like a fun, different, inexpensive meal.

Thursday: Sweet and Sour Chicken and rice

Friday: Make Your Own Pizza — I make dough crust; everyone makes their own individual pizzas with toppings of choice. My latest favorite: Basil pesto. I have a basil plant in the window that I use, along with pine nuts, parmesan, olive oil — yum.

What was your Christmas like? Any special plans for this week? I always enjoy hearing from you in the comments 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 12/28/2015

  1. I loved Christmas because all three of my girls and their families came. Tomorrow I get more Christmas with both sisters and my nieces from all over the United States coming to spend the day. It’s going to be a Girls Day Out. I type this, sitting near my Christmas tree, wishing I could keep it up all year.

  2. Love that picture of the girls in shirt sleeves on Christmas Day! Check out my facebook homepage to view Ryan, Breanne, and Sawyer’s Christmas Day pic. It is a once in a lifetime deal. Breanne’s sister Abby took the shot. We had good Christmases with my side of the family on Dec. 20 and Joe’s side on Dec. 26th. Today we are paying for all of that wonderful December weather with the ice storm, but it is an exciting day here, because Joe will be getting his swallowing test in about an hour from now!

  3. Aren’t cousins great? I kind of took mine for granted because most of us lived in the same community. Our daughters see theirs mostly at Christmas or once-a-summer picnics. Looks like your girls had fun. We had a surprise birthday cake at Pizza Hut yesterday for my sister who was visiting from Kansas.

  4. So glad your girls and their cousins had a good time at the playground, and that you were all with your mom for Christmas.

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