Menu Plan Monday 12/14/2015

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Happy Menu Plan Monday! How is your December going? Hopefully well; mine is enjoyable so far. My piano recital/party was Saturday, and 15 of the 17 students were able to attend.


I really enjoy this each year. The kids have a lot of fun with it, too. They each play 2 pieces, then we have games, and then refreshments. This year, a friend who is marvelous at playing by ear played for the kids while they enjoyed refreshments.


Speaking of refreshments, you can see the spread at the top. I got most ideas from pinterest. My daughter and her friend, a piano student who spent the night, helped with several items, including this Christmas “tree” made of cheese cubes and grapes. Not hard, and fun —

Christmas refreshments buffet

Christmas Bark is always easy and popular — I just put crumbled Oreos, Christmas M&M’s, and pretzel sticks onto a pan and pour melted white candy melts over it, then sprinkle with more M&M’s and sprinkles. Refrigerate until hard and then break into pieces.

Christmas bark

Probably closest to a “Pinterest Fail” were these Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Tree cookies.

Christmas tree strawberry oreos

We tried dipping the strawberries into melted candy melts, but we learned that the candy dried/hardened fast. I kept re-heating it, but each time its texture deteriorated a bit more and … Well, soon it was like trying to stick play dough onto a damp strawberry, and the “trees” were looking more like aliens. I’m not sure they tasted too great either, as I saw several making their way into the trash. Oh well, live and learn.

So, it’s on to a new week. All three of my girls have finals. Best wishes to them, and to all of your kids facing end-of-semester tests as well! Here’s the menu plan:

Monday: Parmesan Crusted Bruschetta Chicken — really good

Parmesan Crusted Bruschetta Chicken

Tuesday: Calico Beans — good meatless entree

Wednesday: Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole — easy, and made in the crock pot

Thursday: Wendy’s Chili — because surely these unseasonably warm temperatures have got to end soon …

Friday:  Beef and Bean Taco Casserole — clipped from a magazine and made before — good.

What is new in your world this week?
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5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 12/14/2015

  1. I am so pleased to see your special nutcracker made it on your refreshment buffet. By the way, the buffet was ideal for the party, wasn’t it? Merry Christmas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  2. How WONDERFUL that Joe played for the students. You and Joe go way back. He played at your wedding reception!

  3. I love the look of the refreshment table. Everything looks delicious and the cheese/fruit Christmas tree is delightful. What a wonderful time of the year!!

  4. I agree that the chicken sounds as if it would be good. Your candy looks delicious too. I’m sure I’d enjoy it, even though I’m not supposed to be eating it.

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