Veggie Sandwich at Five Guys

Five Guys Veggie Sandwich Veggie Burger

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is one of my favorite “fastish” food places. Since a majority of my family doesn’t share my view, I sometimes treat myself to lunch there. Their big burgers are good. Their little burgers are good. This time, I decided to be all virtuous and ordered a veggie sandwich (before you become too impressed, I also ordered their little fries. And their little fries are bigger than the large fries most places).

When my order was ready, I unwrapped the foil, my mouth watering in anticipation of the veggie goodness. I took a bite; yum. Another bite, yum again. Lettuce, tomatoes … but, ummm … where was the veggie pattie?

My friends, I should have read the menu more carefully, because at Five Guys, they don’t serve a veggie burger. They serve a veggie SANDWICH. There is a difference.

Basically, at Five Guys, a veggie sandwich is pretty much a hamburger without the burger. You get the soft, fresh bun. You get the lettuce, the pickles, the tomatoes, the grilled onions and mushrooms — but no patty. It is truly a veggie sandwich.

I have to say that it tasted good. As with any sandwich at Five Guys, you can add or leave off any toppings. However, I feel that if you left off the mushrooms and onions here, you wouldn’t have much of a sandwich (unless you’re into lettuce and tomato on a bun). The grilled veggies just gave it more of a hot, “meal” taste. The sandwich was messy — I recommend a fork. You can add cheese if you like, although that carries an extra charge.



6 thoughts on “Veggie Sandwich at Five Guys

  1. Thanks for your sandwich review at Five Guys! So far I have heard nary a bad word about that restaurant brand, but I have never had the privilege of eating there yet. As for me, I will definitely have one with a burger. Vegetables are good, but some protein with them is even better.

  2. I have never eaten at a Five Guys but my son-in-law loves to go there. After reading your post, I will give it a try sometime even though I’m not much of a burger person. I wish they had a real veggie burger. The picture of your sandwich looked delicious!

  3. Love that place, though their small order of fries is more than enough to feed our whole family. I wouldn’t have even thought of a veggie patty, though that would make sense – more sense than just veggies and bun.

  4. I love Five Guys too. But I’ve never had their veggie sandwich. In fact, I didn’t even know they sold one. But I’m with Leona. I’d like some protein with my sandwich.

  5. I should have added that that is one place where I throw away food. I just can’t eat all the fries they serve, although they are delicious.

  6. Jill’s taken me to Five Guys several times. I love to go there! The free peanuts are a bonus!

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