How Tall are the Republican Presidential Candidates?

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The 2015 Presidential Debates (or should I say 2016?): have you been watching them? I have; debate nights are high entertainment at our place. I have always enjoyed them. I’ve anticipated each Republican candidate debate so far, and I’ve even tuned in to the Democrat one, despite never voting for a Democrat at the state or federal level in my life, unless my memory fails. It’s just interesting to hear these people express their ideas. It’s entertaining to see the ways they interact with each other.

I guess I kind of assumed I was the norm in this regard, but perhaps not. One of my daughters is in a US Government class at her high school, and she said the teacher asked how many kids watched the most recent debate. Only two had! And these are kids taking an AP-level US Government class. This really surprised me.

Debates: Too Long?

I will say that the debates are longer than I feel is necessary. I’m not sure I’ve stayed awake for any of them in their entirity. 90 minutes would be good. Two hours? Okay. Beyond that is just unnecessary. I know that there are 10 people in the main debate, and that that means some of the candidates won’t get a lot of speaking time, but still — who wants to watch a 3-hour debate? Not even me.

The length of these debates does tend to lead my mind to wander to less lofty thoughts. I check out what friends and analysts are saying about the debate on Facebook. Greg Gutfeld, who I love, said that Marco Rubio had “majestic ears.” You know, I had honestly never given his ears a second thought. But after reading that, they were all I could focus on for the rest of the debate.

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Marco Rubio) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Marco Rubio) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Majestic ears? What do you think?

Candidates’ Heights

Another thing that I began focusing on, during the long shots when all the candidates were on-screen, was their varying heights. Here are the heights of the 2015 (2016?) Republican Presidential candidates, from shortest to tallest:

  • Carly Fiorina, 5’6″ — not too surprising; I think the average American woman is about 5’4″, so this is pretty typical.
  • Rand Paul, 5’8″ — again, this doesn’t really surprise me. Paul has always come across to me as being on the shorter side.
  • Ted Cruz, 5’8″ — this does surprise me. I would have thought he was taller.
  • Marco Rubio, 5’10” — the other night, I was surprised by how short Rubio looked compared to some others (probably Jeb Bush most notably). He looked really small!
  • John Kasich, 5’11” — eh, not sure why, but Kasich has never really been on my radar.
  • Chris Christie, 5’11” — if anything, I’d have guessed he was shorter (maybe because he’s … um … heavy?)
  • Mike Huckabee, 5’11” — ditto what I said for Christie.
  • Ben Carson, 5’11” — I’m surprised he’s not a couple of inches taller. The other night in the debate, he looked taller than some beside him.
  • Jeb Bush, 6’3″ — he was one of the biggest surprised to me, height-wise. He looked very tall at the debate when they showed him next to other candidates. I would have guessed him to be 5″ or so shorter.
  • Donald Trump, 6’3″ — again, I’m surprised he’s this tall. I would have guessed him to be right around 6′. I don’t remember him looking especially tall on “The Apprentice” when I watched, although granted that has been a few¬† years ago now.

What do you think? Any surprises with heights? I know that it’s been said that taller candidates win more often than shorter ones. It will be interesting to see how that theory holds up in this election season.



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3 thoughts on “How Tall are the Republican Presidential Candidates?

  1. I’ve been in love with politics since birth I think. I believe it’s a Daddy thing. I’ll go to my grave a flaming Republican. Is there any other party? The height post is intriguing – filled with surprises. I would not dream Trump was that tall. To me, Ben Carson looks like a short guy. Carly Fiorina – I glory in her spunk with taking on the View with wreckless abandon. You go girl. Knock that bunch off their pedestal!
    Gotta run. It’s election day and I”m voting! There’s hardly anybody on the ballot and one Republican I have far too many memories of in her youth and they are NOT good memories. No vote for her! Toot Toot!

  2. This was an extremely interesting post! Loved what you had to say about the heights of each candidate. None surprised me very much, but I do think that tall men command more attention usually.
    Doesn’t seem to be helping Jeb yet or Chris Christie, but there is so much time left that I expect there will be much more jockeying around. So glad to hear that Ben Carson is doing so well again today in the Wall Street Journal poll. Carson and Trump would be an interesting combination for running mates! Rubio continues to be holding his own along with Cruz at this point, but again all of that is likely to change. Can’t wait to hear the next debate next week. Hopefully the commentators asking the questions will be a lot more fair this time and actually ask some good questions with substance about the real problems going on here in US and also overseas. No more lame “football fantasy” stuff or rude accusations for various candidates. Enough, already!

  3. I, too, have heard that taller men command a greater presence. If that is true, I wish I could add a couple of inches to Ben Carson’s height! That is my man. I’d like to see a Carson/Cruz ticket. Of, a Carson/Rubio ticket.

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