Menu Plan Monday 11-2-2015


So November has arrived. For the past four years, since I’ve had a child in marching band, it always seems to come careening into view, since October is so filled with marching competitions and practices. This year is the same — my daughter got home from semi-state competition “early” last night (prior to 11 p.m.), and this coming Saturday her band competes at Lucas Oil Stadium. Wish the Homestead Spartans well! They truly have worked hard.

In case you spent too much time last week wondering whether or not I fit all 31 of the band-supporting cake rolls into my freezers … the answer is “yes.” Up top, there’s a photo of the inside of one of the freezers. About 1/3 of them have been delivered, and I’ll keep whittling that number down this week.

As to the menu this week, I apologize that it’s not all that exciting. My husband is out of town for work, and that always lends an air of freedom to the household that extends to my menu planning. I’m sure some of you can relate 🙂

Here’s the plan:

Monday: Pumpkin Pancakes and homemade applesauce … yummmm ….

Tuesday: Chicken Pot Pie

Wednesday: support-the-band night at Arby’s … sounds like a good excuse to eat there.

Thursday: leftover soups from last week and a loaf of homemade bread

Friday: Pasta Alla Genovese: Basically, it’s pasta mixed with French-cut green beans and basil pesto sauce. Very tasty, and a favorite of vegan daughter #2.

pasta ala genovese

What is new in your world this week? More recipes at Org Junkie’s.


3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 11-2-2015

  1. Monday night pumpkin pancakes and homemade applesauce is my favorite for this week! I will be over for supper around 6. 🙂 Just kidding! Congrats to Sophie for all of the long hours and hard work that she has put in with her flute in Homestead High School marching band. Good luck on Saturday in Indy!

  2. Something interesting I will do Thursday is go with the Super Stars to the Indiana State Fairground where we will attend the International Festival. It features booths from countries around the world and various ones sell their food and trinkets. This is our third year to go. When we arrive we each get our own passport and we are to go to as many countries as we can and have them stamp our passport. While we eat lunch there, we are entertained with music representing some other country.

  3. I wish the Homestead band members well as they go to Indy on Saturday. I hope they come home champions.

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