Childhood Memories Friday: Coloring Books

Childhood Memories Friday

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Ah, coloring books. Do you remember them as a child? Coloring was a pretty frequent activity during my childhood, more than it seemed to be for my own kids. I had a stack of coloring books. I remember going through a phase where I outlined everything I colored in dark lines; sometimes outlining things in the shade I’d colored them; other times going for the more dramatic all-black outlining. My mom made it known that she was not a fan of outlining (sometimes she would color with me as well), and it felt like just the right amount of independence for me to persist in my outlining.

My coloring days ended, only to be picked up again briefly in college. I remember bringing a Christmas coloring book to school and coloring in it with my roommate while we watched Christmas specials on TV during finals week. It was a fun way to relax a little and relieve stress.

I must have been ahead of my time, because guess what is now the big craze in relaxation?

Time Garden adult coloring book

Yep — adult coloring books. But, the current crop are not the coloring books of your childhood. You won’t be coloring a large kitty coming out of a simple stocking. Oh no, you’ll get something like the tree you see above, with a zillion teensy leaves.

Time Garden adult coloring book

Several days later, I finally finished it up. This is the cover of my new coloring book, The Time Garden: A Magical Journey and Coloring Book. It is just beautiful — it’s both a coloring book and a short story as well, about a girl who goes inside a cuckoo clock and takes … well, a magical journey. Between this book and another coloring book I received as a birthday gift, I think I’ll have enough coloring material to last the rest of my life. The drawings are incredibly detailed.

I headed to Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon and snagged a pack of colored pencils, and I was off to the races. It was so nice to just … color. No pressure (well, okay, there was a bit. I’ll admit to stressing over some things like whether to color each fleur des lis on the wallpaper pattern the same color, or go with different ones … etc …) — just sit down at the counter or in front of the TV and lose yourself in a few minutes of coloring. I can see why it’s currently popular. It’s relaxing to see a picture come to life through your own mindless efforts.

One request to coloring book makers out there — it would be nice for these books to lay flat when they are open. It’s a bit of a hassle to hold the book open with one arm while coloring.

Have you joined the adult coloring craze? (I do warn you; you have to be careful searching for “adult coloring book” — or honest, “adult” anything online!) If so, what coloring book is your current favorite? I love this one; my other one, which I recommend as well, is Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book.


7 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Coloring Books

  1. I have not joined the coloring craze. I have too much else I’d rather do. With my OCD I would drive myself crazy with second guessing how I SHOULD have colored it – did I lay that in a place on the table that had grease on it and it soaked through my perfect paper?
    I have a paper box full of coloring books that belonged to Susan, Jill, and Ellen. You’d be surprised how many many times over the years I’ve pulled it out and used pictures from it – many for the birthday quilt blocks I made each of you girls.
    I have a Christmas coloring book my folks bought me at Evansville when I was around fourth grade. I love it and will keep it forever!

  2. I am going to put an adult coloring book on my Christmas list this year. I have an adult coloring book app on my Kindle and just love it. The nice thing about it is that the colors can be deleted and you can start all over with different colors. I will wait a while and do just that. And no problems with the pages lying flat! I’ve always loved to color so all the new coloring books out there make me so happy!!

  3. Ha! I JUST posted a Christian adult coloring book on FB. Your work is lovely. I loved coloring books as a kid–I think I finally got rid of them when my kids outgrew them, but I had a large stack. Even a Biblical one which my parents thought was a bit much. But I liked it. An Olympics one was another favorite, plus lots of cartoon ones and Christmas. Fun memory

  4. I actually bought myself a few adult coloring books after Christmas last year. But I like the ones you show here better than the ones I have. My biggest problem are my aging eyes. My contacts make up-close work difficult…so I really can only color when I have no glasses/contact lenses in. Which means I can’t just color on a whim. UGH.

    My other goal is to buy a better assortment of colored pencils. I bought a decent-sized pack of them, but after awhile the colors all start to look the same. I want more choice and subtlety, plus maybe some metallics!

  5. I bought an adult coloring book when my dog was at the end of her life and I was the caregiver. I wanted her to have a quality life and didn’t feel good about leaving her alone too much, but I needed something that would completely absorb my attention. Now I look at the pictures I colored while she was sick and I have both a beautiful piece of art and a beautiful memory as well. I get a bit misty-eyed even now when I look at the pictures and when I think about the beautiful end-of-the-summer days, sitting outside, enjoying the last few days with my dog.

  6. I’m one of the few average American girls, I believe, who didn’t enjoy coloring as a child. I’m absolutely positive I wouldn’t enjoy it now. So there will be no adult coloring books for me.

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