Childhood Memories Friday: OJ Simpson

Childhood Memories Friday


Twenty years ago — October 3, 1995, in fact — the O. J. Simpson murder trial ended. The American football star and actor was found not guilty of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

My memories of O. J. prior to his trial are sketchy. I was never a sports fan, but I do remember hearing about the murder of Nicole, and watching the subsequent white Bronco chase on TV. It was a precursor of the current time, with 24/7 news channels covering every aspect of every news story. That didn’t happen back in the ’90s, but it seems like everyone tuned in to the “OJ chase.”

OJ Simpson

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I’m not big into crime stories in general, but a few have really captured me — Jon Benet Ramsey and OJ come to mind. I watched as much of the trial as I could, and was fascinated by the different personalities. Greta Van Susteren, who the trial made famous. Robert Kardashian, ditto. Who can ever forget Kato Kaelin?

Nicole and Ronald were murdered in June 1994. Their murder trial, with OJ as the defendant, went on from January 1995 through October. During that time, I got engaged and was teaching fourth grade. I let my class eat in the classroom the day the verdict was announced, and I turned the radio on so we could all listen. It was a news story that EVERYONE knew about and was interested in. When OJ was acquitted, the vast majority of us (including me) were shocked and dismayed. The evidence had so clearly seemed to indicate that he had committed the murders.

Do you remember the OJ trial? Do you have any memories of it?



2 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: OJ Simpson

  1. How could anyone of age forget that terrible trial! Almost everyone was sure that OJ was guilty, and most folks that I know believe that yet today. Twenty years later and I do remember a TV being available at our local school in the hallway where my 6th graders and many teachers watched the verdict coming down. All of us teachers, except one holdout who believed in his innocence) were shocked and dismayed at the NOT GUILTY pronouncement. Many students cheered for OJ not really understanding the bulk or impact of it all. Wrong response in my book, but their was no use to argue with them, so after the noon hour passed it was back to school as usual.

  2. I was working at the home health care agency at that time. It seems as if we watched the verdict come down, or maybe we had a radio on … I, like millions of other Americans, could not believe the verdict was — not guilty. Sadly, about that same time, there was another murder trial going on — but this one involved the husband of one of our nurses. It never gained the celebrity that O.J.’s did, and the verdict was the exact opposite. What a horrible incident.

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