Menu Plan Monday 10-5-2015

IU Gold Bars dessert


Menu Plan Monday has arrived again. Do you make a plan each week for things you’re cooking? I have, for the past several years. I find it good in reducing stress during the week. I usually go to the grocery store just once a week, on Monday. If I have a menu plan in place, I know what ingredients to buy, so there’s no worrying on Wednesday because I don’t have bread crumbs, or whatever. Additionally, it takes away the stress of realizing that it’s 3 o’clock and I have no idea what I’m making for dinner that night. I just look at my list, and I’m ready to go. This is especially important to me because 3-6 p.m. is the busiest time of the day for me. My own kids are getting home (or I need to pick them up, and my piano students are coming and going. Believe me, a menu plan is a life-saver.

So, here is the menu plan for this week:

Monday: BBQ Ranch Chicken Casserole — I’ve made this before and it’s quite tasty

Tuesday: White Chicken Chili — a nice alternative to “regular” chili

Wednesday: Make your own pizza — I make the dough; each person puts their own toppings of choice on. My recent favorite involves basil pesto sauce (I make my own using basil leaves from the garden, olive oil, pine nuts, and parmesan).

Thursday: Black Bean Crockpot Soup — I really am having trouble with meals on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I am busy almost up to 6 p.m., when we normally eat. I need to use the crockpot more …

Friday: Nachos — maybe kind of like this recipe, although I will probably not make individual packets. It’s a football game night.

For dessert, Gold Bars which I clipped from the IU Alumni magazine. They are similar to the recipe I linked. It says that this is a favorite IU dining hall treat, although I don’t remember them from my tenure there. They do look good, though.

My oldest daughter is visiting from college this weekend, yay! Last time she was here, she mentioned wanting something with rhubarb. I think I may make these Honey Rhubarb Muffins.

So, do you make a menu plan each week? I’d love to hear any tips or ideas that work for you to help make cooking easier. Leave a comment! You can find more recipes at Org Junkie’s.

5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 10-5-2015

  1. I have some leftover German Potato Salad. Yesterday I made up Lees’ wonderful slaw but I did not add the dressing or noodles, yet. I still can make bacon/tomato sandwiches and I bought a pkg. of brats that I will grill one evening this week. I usually always eat at church Wednesday night. If there are leftovers at the church dinner, the head cook often gives some to me. That is so nice of her!

  2. I don’t remember “Gold Bars”–just zebra cookies and Special K cookies at that place in the Union that sold plain bagels with plain cream cheese–a treat at $1. I post my menus for my own reference on FB on Saturday. This week I planned a full week’s menus, but it may be used over 2 weeks. With only a busy young adult at home I don’t always end up cooking.

  3. I don’t really meal plan, but i love using my crock pot…between church and my 3 boys in base ball i don’t really have time to cook.

  4. I never plan my menu ahead of time. I’m too “fly by the seat of your pants” to do that.

  5. As a single person, i find it easy to plan for the month since most meals last several days.

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